Results from the time team of Kinning Cycles, commissaire Martin Grimley and photos BP media team, and link to others

Link to our photo cloud on Flickr >> (David Mc Veigh BP Media)

The Ormeau Park MTB Classic promoted by Kinning Cycles was blessed today with a lovely sunny day in Belfast…a fairly big crowd, plenty of youth, and a very competitive atmosphere…I am not very good with action shots, but I had the back-up of some renowned photographers such as David Mc Veigh (see link at the top photo) and John Hammer from Carlow who had a weekend in the North with the Annaclone GP and today’s MTB Classic…I am a lucky man to have such support from these volunteer photographers…Smiling kids and their families, grown-ups (could be debated …lol) catching up with each other after the winter break, and some exciting races to add to the buzz of being out again!!
Great to see the MTB races back in Ormeau Park…and well done Glenn and the team Kinning Cycles

Thank you, John Hammer (photo link of John will appear here soon…
Under 16 Irish MTB Champ Aine Doherty (Vc Glendale Youth Academy) in action proudly wearing the jersey, and winning again on the day…amazing young teenager off-road, road, and track…well done young lady
Julie Rea is on her way to winning the ladies’ race…Julie is one of the pillars of promoting Women’s racing in the land, a retired operation theatre technician, a Child protection officer for CU, and a good friend
A class apart, Lindsay Watson (Powerhouse Sport) took the lead in the first lap of the ten on hand and stayed in that position nearly a minute ahead of the chasers at the finish line
Fun race in the park … mummies, and daddy’s with them for safety…describes the spirit of the day
Banbridge CC even sent a clown to the race to entertain …lol…Paul is a well-known mountain biker and also loves sports photography…here is some of his work of yesterday
The first 3 of the A-race on the left hand of the pack (more photos of yours truly on
International CX star Travis Harkness (Vc Glendale Youth Academy) had bad luck today, a technical problem preventing him from a better result, still 8th after a 4-minute hold-up in the wood section