All results courtesy of Primal Tracking with all photos from Dany B

The winner Martin Divilly (Galway Bay CC) of the Ultra 525km (16 hours and 28minutes!!!!!) here seen with his wife and daughter

The 525km results (supported and unsupported)

1 5121Martin Divilly Male Supported (above)16:28:12!!!Finish
2 5142Sean Hernon Male Supported16:44:15Finish
3 5013Peter Walsh Male Unsupported18:55:34!!!Finish
4 5044James Finn Male Unsupported19:49:49Finish
5 5105Sean Duignan Male Supported20:57:47Finish
6 5086Kenny Gillespie Male Supported21:58:11Finish
7 5097Jarlath Sweeney Male Supported22:01:29Finish
8 5038Darragh Delaney Male Unsupported22:21:00Finish
9 5029Shane Courtney Male Unsupported22:34:14Finish
10 50610James Johnson Male Supported23:08:54Finish
11 50711Michael Frain Retired07:58:12200k
12 51112Stephen Crowley Retired08:40:16250k

The 300km (Individual and pairs)

Representing their beloved federation…Team Connacht Cycling 300k Pairs (5th)
1 3181Rob Mullet (200km Rider) Non-Comp08:05:45Finish
2 3282Team Middling to Fast Men in Lycra Western Challenge 300k Pairs08:21:00Finish
3 3273Team Jumbo Vicksma Western Challenge 300k Pairs08:47:49Finish
4 3154Ronan Burke Western Challenge 300k09:21:27Finish
5 3265Team Connacht Cycling Western Challenge 300k Pairs09:30:33Finish
6 3256Team Tuam CC Western Challenge 300k Pairs09:39:27Finish
7 3017Ken Egan Western Challenge 300k09:41:06Finish
8 3098Colm Brady Western Challenge 300k10:30:26Finish
9 3069Mary Corless Female Unsupported10:32:31Finish
10 30210Patrick Stephens Western Challenge 300k10:40:00Finish
11 30711Martin O’Connell Western Challenge 300k10:40:54Finish
12 30512Sean Collins Western Challenge 300k10:50:52Finish
13 31113Larry O’Byrne Western Challenge 300k10:52:43Finish
14 31214Paul Moran Western Challenge 300k10:58:48Finish
15 31015Damian Cronin Western Challenge 300k11:08:35Finish
16 30316Jonathan Murphy Western Challenge 300k11:20:18Finish
17 30417Senan Mullins Western Challenge 300k11:20:24Finish
18 31418Paul Bucin Western Challenge 300k11:49:48Finish
The devil does it all, and chief of the Western Challenge Eoin Mc Grath and his lovely wife Helen, both worked their socks off (including their daughters) to get this event a successful one…and they certainly achieved this, this off-course with the help of many volunteers…chapeau!

The 200km Individuals (Men -Ladies)

Family support…so important for the athlete
1 2521Martin Kenny Male 200k06:18:26Finish
2 2452Seamus Wilkinson Male 200k06:24:56Finish
3 2243John Kinsella Male 200k06:26:34Finish
4 2574Karl Smyth Male 200k06:27:10Finish
5 2595David Hayes Male 200k06:31:52Finish
6 2636Martin Fitz Patrick Male 200k06:33:29Finish
7 2207Kieran Gilvarry Male 200k06:39:31Finish
8 2678Marty Mannion Male 200k06:41:38Finish
9 2559Oliver Forde Male 200k06:43:52Finish
10 22910Garry Donohue Male 200k06:44:51Finish
11 21811Greg McHugh Male 200k06:50:54Finish
12 26112Erwin Vos Male 200k06:58:04Finish
13 25813Colm McFadden Male 200k06:59:49Finish
14 24214Neil Martin Male 200k07:00:18Finish
15 24815Michael Gallagher Male 200k07:00:45Finish
16 24716David Murray Male 200k07:12:11Finish
17 25117Pat Flanagan Male 200k07:17:08Finish
18 23418Jim Treacy Male 200k07:18:08Finish
19 20119Kevin Malone Male 200k07:20:07Finish
20 23020Michael Bartley Male 200k07:23:02Finish
Adrian Mc Leavey from the International Irish Cycling Sports Team, with Born Superior Sports Care
21 23721Rachel Kenny Female 200k07:24:06Finish
22 23922Kevin Conlon Male 200k07:28:25Finish
23 24023Joe Egan Male 200k07:28:47Finish
24 21224Eoghan O’Ceallaigh Male 200k07:31:46Finish
25 24425Phil Lennon Male 200k07:33:49Finish
26 23526Darren O’Keeffe Male 200k07:36:46Finish
27 26427Norman Wilkins Male 200k07:38:50Finish
28 21028Shane Mooney Male 200k07:41:40Finish
29 20829Eileen Finn Graham Female 200k07:50:09Finish
30 26030Adrain McLeavy Male 200k07:51:37Finish
31 25631Steven Kilbride Male 200k07:51:52Finish
32 22332Eoin Murphy Male 200k07:51:52Finish
33 23133Darragh Finneran Male 200k07:56:44Finish
34 22534David Hogan Male 200k08:03:45Finish
35 26835Rob Mullet Male 200k08:05:45Finish
36 24336Conor Fitzpatrick Male 200k08:11:43Finish
37 21737James O’Brien Male 200k08:13:25Finish
38 23638Sharon Osborne Female 200k08:15:34Finish
39 24639Shane McInerney Male 200k08:19:12Finish
40 21540Ciaran Joyce Male 200k08:27:41Finish
Marty Mannion at the Friday evening sign-on
41 23241Conor Brennan Male 200k08:33:38Finish
42 20642Sharon Spellman Female 200k08:39:25Finish
43 20743Rory Kearney Male 200k08:54:20Finish
Velotec …another great sponsor of the event, promoting the beautiful Cycling Connacht gilet
More photos can be found on just stroll down a bit…Here above is my good friend Shane Courtney from Manor West Tralee BC …
Even a Dutch man from Groningen in the 200km (Erwin Vos)
As far as Donegal they came!!!