Photos from Jerry Rafferty (Fotozone Armagh), John Hammer, Sharon Mc Farland, and some of Dany B, results from the Newry Wheelers Time team

Day 1: Newry-Warrenpoint-Newry (Women’s edition)

Darcey Harkness (CU team) taking yellow on day 1 on a miserable wet Friday night in Newry!

Day 1: Newry – Warrenpoint-Newry Men’s edition

Robert Kennedy (East Antrim Audi) getting the better of the Ards CC riders

Day 2: Rathfriland circuit at the foot of the Mournes Mountains (women’s edition)

Gabrielle Clodenyte (UCD) made her first move winning stage 2, yellow Darcey Harkness second, and keeping her jersey!! (Photo Sharon)

Stage Result
Sponsored by Milestone Supermarket Rathfriland
1 25 22A30843 Glodenyte, Gabriele UCD Cycling Club 2h27m42s
2 5 22A20039 Harkness, Darcey Cycling Ulster A 2h27m42s
3 7 22A20138 Speers, Jemma Cycling Ulster A 2h27m42s
4 28 22u160078 Rafferty, Aliyah Island Wheelers 2h27m42s
5 11 22A40704 Sands, Catherine Newry Wheelers CC 2h27m42s
6 23 22A40619 Walsh, Orla Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands-Scimitar 2h27m42s
7 16 FR-1110 Mansfield, Lotta RFDA 2h27m42s
8 27 22U160075 Doherty, Aine VC Glendale 2h27m42s
9 24 22A30458 Porter, Emma UCD Cycling Club 2h27m42
10 3 22A40715 Higgins, Alison Cycling Ulster A 2h27m42s
11 26 22A41353 Carroll, Ailbhe Unattached Munster 2h27m42s
12 10 22A30430 Forshaw, Danielle Gorey Cycling Club 2h27m42s
13 13 22A41070 Havern, Ciara Newry Wheelers CC 2h27m50s @8s
14 15 FR-1070 Mc Clorey, Hannah RFDA 2h28m27s @45s
15 8 22JR Wallace, Elena Cycling Ulster B 2h28m27s @ s/t
16 19 22A41197 Rea, Julie Phoenix CC 2h28m30s @48s
17 4 22A40790 Kelly, Ciara Cycling Ulster A 2h28m30s @ s/t
18 6 22A40134 Mc Parland, Helen Cycling Ulster A 2h28m30s @ s/t
19 21 22A41319 Roberts, Emily Team Vision Racing 2h28m32s @50s
20 2 22A30534 Kinch, Ciara Cuchulainn CC 2h28m32s @ s/t
21 17 22JR0046 Reilly, Katie Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 2h28m32s @ s/t
22 1 22A30673 Allen, Clodagh Clonard RC 2h30m03s @2m21s
23 18 22A40490 Cullen, Jane Panduit Carrick Wheelers 2h31m41s @3m59s
24 12 22A40866 Mc Phillips, Celine Ann Newry Wheelers CC 2h38m36s @10m54s
25 14 22A40856 Mc Givern, Roisin Newry Wheelers CC 2h38m41s @10m59s

Helen Mc Parland, Ciara Kelly (both CU) and Julie Rea (Phoenix cc) finishing in the chasing group (Photo Sharon)

Day 2: Rathfriland circuit at the foot of the Mournes Mountains (men’s edition)

Top 20 Stage 2 Men (Photo Sharon Mc Farland)
Sprinting for 3rd place 33second down won by Robert Kennedy but his yellow is unfortunately gone!! (Photo Sharon) More photos of Sharon can be found on

Final Day: Hilltown Circuit with the finish on the Spelga Dam (Ladies Edition)

The final move of Gabrielle Glodenyte sees her taking the overall (Photo John Hammer)
Fast and pretty…Gabrielle Glodenyte (UCD) is a force to be reckoned with in the future!! (Photo John Hammer)
U16 girl Aine Doherty (VC Glendale Youth Academy) wins the best junior jersey and 3rd overall!!! (Photo Dany B)
Only 14 years old and already beating much older girls…Aliyah Rafferty is the 3rd one in a row of talented riders in the Rafferty Family

Final Day: Hilltown Circuit with the finish on the Spelga Dam (Men’s Edition)

Ronan Killeen (Lucan RC) taking a suberb win at the summit of Spelga Dam (Photo John Hammer) More of John Hammer’s work can be found on
Very polite and charming lad…Charlie Genner (Guest rider Halesowen GB) wins his first-ever stage race (photo Dany B)
Up the road with the eventual winner Ronan
BP bursary holder Curtis Neill (Carn Wheelers) showed why I choose him…he had the polka jersey in his mind from the start!! More photos of Jerry can be found on (please credit when using his photos, no commercial use allowed)