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With 3 out of 4 suicides each year being male, there is a particularly pressing need now for a targeted approach to mental health awareness, education, and suicide prevention among young and middle-aged men in Ireland. Cycle Against Suicide is calling on the government for gendered-specific campaigns targeting males.:

For World Suicide Prevention Day – 2022, Cycle Against Suicide we are utilising their events to mobilize people across Ireland to come out in support as we call for:
Mental health awareness campaigns to increase men’s mental health literacy. Access to information on mental health awareness is key to helping men recognize the signs of mental illness, show concern, and determine the right time to seek help.
Awareness campaigns reframing masculinity. Men’s conformity and adherence to so call traditional masculine norms impacts their experience and expression of mental health difficulties leading to a range of negative outcomes, including social isolation and reduced help-seeking behaviour.
Mental health support services and suicide intervention campaign. Raising awareness of the mental health support services available to men would help normalise mental health and give men the tools to address their mental health without stigma.
Cycle Against Suicide is asking people across Ireland to mobilize in support of our campaign: mothers, wives, fathers, husbands, sons, daughters, friends, and colleagues to join our events in support of men’s mental health:

Cork Spinoff – Saturday, 3rd September
Coast to Coast/Dublin to Galway – Saturday, September 10th/11th: