Results courtesy of Martin Grimley (chief comm + time team) photos David Mc Veigh BP media or otherwise indicated, with thanks and appreciation…

The Time Team at work!! Full results on
Warm -up and eyeing the competition…
Giving it all for TC-Racing
The dedication already seen in this kids
The tank is nearly empty!!
Yes…you see this right, International rider, and Ex-Irish road champ Adam Ward at the Cyclo-Cross, and a top 10 already for the Belgian Project bursary holder 2022!
Bad luck for Rian, but giving up….no way…The Mc Crystal genes you see!!
No Irish team in Australia for the Worlds…no problem…Australian cycling family coming to Ireland instead!!
Kevin Mc Cambridge (neo-pro with Trinity GB) dips his toes in the CX, and was very competitive, but you would not expect anything else from the ex-graduate of the Belgian Project
Look..the mighty John Hammer on a visit to the north…all the way from Carlow!! Here some of his photos of the afternoon races…
Gerry Geverin is handy for putting up “flegs” Who needs a ladder when Gerry is about!!
A thank you to Ken Jones from for supporting the event, here seen with Una May (CEO-Sport Ireland & Orwell Wheelers)
Toby Watson does a “60 hour a week average at work” and still has the energy of taking shots when a weekend free, …(photo Dany B) You can admire his photos on
More photos of yours truly on