Foreword Dany B: ” The Island Wheeler’s talent production line keeps spitting out cycling talents, following his bigger brother Darren footsteps (or should I say pedal strokes) with riding as a junior in a French top youth development team (Team 31 Jollycycles U19) seems to be a successful way of getting his career starting, and his kind demeanour and character, his willing to learn and Rafferty blood in his veins, will do the rest I am sure…Well done Adam, very pleased with such results!!” (Photos Direct vélo, eponine photo, Damien Thomas and feature photo + this one below Dany BP Media)

First of all, I would like to thank Dany and the Belgian project for the bursary which helped make my stay in France possible.
Over the course of my stay I raced in multiple regional races, French cups and even a couple of UCI races.
In terms of results I’m pretty happy with how I did. I had multiple top 10’s in french cup GC’s and stages, even getting a top 10 on the second stage of Ronde Des Vallées UCI 2.1.

I managed to take a win on the time trial stage of Tour de Cevennes- only missing out on the course record set by Darren a year earlier by 4 seconds which really proved to me that I was in good form, and had improved over the past 2 months

I think for me the best experience was Tour of Valromey UCI 2.1 ( known as the junior Tour de France among the riders). Over the course of 5 days we covered 500 km and 7500m of climbing in 35°c heat.
My biggest takeaway from France is that positioning is definitely key and poor positioning cost me a lot of energy in the early races . However by the end of the summer I was able to navigate the large group pretty well and felt comfortable doing so. Unfortunately there were no euros or worlds for me this year, but hopefully next year
, yours in sport, Adam Rafferty