Thursday, 20th Oct

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WC3 Omnium – 200m Flying Start – Richael Timothy (photo above CI social media) )
Latests news!! Richael has smashed her PB in the WC3 flying 200 clocking a time of 13.377
and 3rd place!! Another new national record ?
MC4 Omnium – 200m Flying Start – Ronan Grimes
Latest news!! Ronan does a 11.695, his PB and 7th place!! 61.564 km/h!!)
MC2 Omnium – 200m Flying Start – Chris Burns
Latest news!!: Chris does a 12.078, his PB and 3rd place!! (59.61km/h!!)
WC3 500m Time Trial Qualifying – Richael Timothy
Latest news!! Another new national record ? Richael has broken another record today this time in the 500m Time with a 42.066!! She is through to the finals later this evening with her 6th place!!
MC4 4km Individual Pursuit Qualifying – Ronan Grimes
(photo below CI social media)Latest news!!: MC4 4km Individual Pursuit – Ronan Grimes: Silver

Friday, 21st Oct

MC2 1km Time Trial – Chris Burns
MB 1km Time Trial Qualifying– Martin Gordon and Eoin Mullen | Damien Vereker and Marcin Mizgajski (photo above CI social media)
WB 3km Individual Pursuit Qualifying – Katie-George Dunlevy and Eve McCrystal
MC4 15km Scratch Race – Ronan Grimes
WC3 10km Scratch Race – Richael Timothy

Photo taken from Eve’s social media (Olympics Japan 2021)

Saturday, 22nd Oct

WC3 3km Individual Pursuit Qualifying – Richael Timothy
MB 4km Individual Pursuit Qualifying – Damien Vereker and Marcin Mizgajski
MC2 3km Individual Pursuit Qualifying – Chris Burns ((photo above CI social media))
MC4 1km Time Trial Qualifying – Ronan Grimes

Sunday, 23rd Oct

Photo from Martin’s social media (2021 Late Late Show RTE

MB Sprint Qualification – Martin Gordon and Eoin Mullen
MC2 15km Scratch Race – Chris Burns