Feature collage center photo courtesy of Stephen Mc Kee (Ards CC)

Joined Ards CC in July 2005 after returning from Belgium running a few pubs with my Newtownards wife Maggie…due to her ill health we decided to come back home, already involved in cycling while over there as sponsors and supporters club of top amateur team Decock-Capino (4 time competitors of the TOTN), I wanted to continue being involved, and Ards CC was recommended by Brendan Mc Carter from Phoenix CC, also my brother in law Tommy Mc Namara raced for them (see jersey below in the collage) and my father in Law Tommy (same name as son) was a founder member…Never looked back since that day in July, I met for the first time Martin Irvine who started his career in Ards!! The club helped me getting a place in the commissaire course, and when qualified as comm, the sport in Ireland opened up for me, and done this for 9 years …A heart attack stopped me in my tracks as comm, and had to resign, but by then my project got momentum…Ards CC recognised my work around that time too, and each year since I have received some funds to help me out…to have such back-up is so important for the project…it keeps it firmly on the rails with the help of the other sponsors…I have taken the roll on as “interim Youth Protection officer” till the club found a permanent one, I have done a course years ago and will try to refresh it next year, as club you have to have such officer to get a team or club license…the club organise many open events that such officer is required (see below) To end, my sincere thank you, Ards Cycling Club and his members (130+) in behalf of our volunteers and our young riders…it is so appreciated!!