The A3 race

The A4 race

The link to Jerry’s photos now online: (please mention Jerry when sharing his photos on social media, thank you)

The A4 race had a international feel with Dutch man Rene Sanquinette (U/A Leinster) entering the race, he done most of his racing in Canada where he lived for a decade, and now living with his partner in Dublin, Renee managed a 7th place! It was great to have a chat in Dutch for a change, he comes from the Belfeld area in Dutch Limburg, where me and my wife Maggie managed a Dart and music venue near the German Border in 2000 called “Het Witte Paard” (The White Horse) The world is small… my photos can be found on as per usual, not forgetting to thank Armagh City Cyclist for the donation towards our project, it is as always very much appreciated…well that’s the road season finished for us…hello to the mud, sweat and tears of the CX in the next few months, regards Dany B (photo above Dany B)