The Belgian Project selection pool hopefuls took most of the medals home spearheaded in the junior women’s section by Lara Gillespie Scott-Orwell with 3 gold and a silver, Clodagh Ní Ghallchóir AAA 1 gold and 2 silver, Caoimhe O’Brien Lakeside Wheelers Mullingar 2 silvers and 2 bronze!!

Well done girls!!
The photo was taken from the girl’s social media page

2019 Junior Track Championship Result Sheet F 200 Sprint Pursuit 500 Scratch
Keela Mac Hale Arcane Cycling Team xxx xxx 3.07.89(6) 45.11(7) 6
Eva Brennan Deenside Wheelers 14.99(5) 5th 2.54.32(4) 43.88(4) 4
Rachel McBride Omagh Wheelers CC 16.89(8) 8th 3.28.93(8) 46.94(8) 9
Hannah Tilly Arcane Cycling Team 14.81(3) 4th DNF xxx 7
Maeve Gallagher Castlebar Cycling Club 15.84(7) 7th 2.51.51(3) 44.51(5) 3
Clodagh Ní Ghallchóir AAA Cycling 13.79(2) 2nd 2.58.29(5) 39.74(1) 5
Lara Gillespie Scott Orwell Wheelers CC 13.26(1) 1st 2.40.77(1) 40.05(2) 1
Caoimhe O Brien Lakeside Wheelers 14.84(4) 3rd 2.50.17(2) 40.67(3) 2
Almha Kissane Arcane Cycling Team 15.27(6) 6th 3.14.02(7) 45.10(6) 8

Lara waiting to pounce with Caoimhe seeing the danger
Photo courtesy of Paul Atkinson

In the Junior men section the same happened with Aaron Wade showing the CI selectors he cannot be overlooked anymore with 4 golds and a silver, Kevin Mc Cambridge his teammate taking 2 silver (note: Kevin is the first junior to take A2 status on the road this year now proves to be an all-rounder and much more to come from this rocket pocket) Sean Nolan Navan RC took 2 bronze on a very successful day for the Belgian Project selection hopefuls.

Hopefully, these lads get a chance to represent their country at the track soon
The photo was taken from Philip Wade’s social media page
Ex Belgian Project composite team member Darragh Zaidan (Arcane) proud of his Poulain Aaron Wade as his coach.

F200 Sprint Pursuit Kilo Scratch
Thomas Pickford Sundrive Track Team 13.64(8) 8th DNS 1.19.24(9) 11
Sean Lenehan Navan Road Club 13.56(7) 7th 4.0200(7) 1.16.65(7) 4
Paul Antoine Hagan Banbridge CC 13.11(6) 6th 4.03.00(8) 1.15.94(5) 7
Louis Bilyard Zappi Racing Team xxx xxx 3.55.95(6) 1.14.79(3) 3
Kevin McCambridge xxx xxx 3.43.87(2) xxx 2
Eoin Hassett Un-Attached Leinster 15.90(9) 9th 5.08.00(9) 1.31.29(10) xxx
Ciaran Dixon Team Type 1 Junior Team xxx xxx 3.54.04(4) xxx 5
Christopher Donald Team Madigan C.C. 13.01(4) 4th xxx 1.17.47(8) 8
Sean Nolan Navan Road Club 12.70(3) 3rd xxx 1.14.99(4) 10
David O’Sullivan Ciclotel Travel 12.17(2) 1st 3.54.80(5) 1.13.63(2) 9
Mark Smith Ciclotel Travel 13.01(5) 5th 3.53.81(3) 1.16.53(6) 6
Aaron Wade 12.05(1) 2nd 3.37.54(1) 1.09.69(1) 1

Well done all
Photo Paul Atkinson
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