Feature and a few selected photo’s of Sharon Mc Farland our guest photographer for the Saturday races & Results Foyle CC with thanks

Early control from the NRPT lads with Kevin Mc Cambridge leading the way while peeking back (Photo Sharon Mc Farland)

An amazing finish area at the summit of Shipquay Street hill, bang in the middle of the historic city of Derry saw some fierce battles each time the young lads turning the corner for a 100-meter dash to the top of the famous street overlooking the Peace Bridge at the river Foyle. Each of the 5 laps of 20km circuit been very demanding, to say the least, resulting in a demolition of the bunch very early in the race, a 5-minute “taking out” rule was in place, thus resulting in only 15 reaching the finish after a hard 102km. Most of the top juniors of the land made it, and in the last lap 6 juniors got enough distance made to concentrate on winning, Archie Ryan, Tom Moriarty, Kevin McCambridge, Nathan Keown and Finley Newmark including Aaron Wade who done donkey work to keep Kevin up front. Finley had to admit defeat and dropped away from the leaders and came in about a minute later than the winning brake joined by Billyard, Louis Zappi RT to sprint for 6th place. The chasing group came in about 4 minutes later in drips and drops, beaten by the unforgiven circuit in the end. The sprint uphill was won by Tom Moriarty (first year junior) with a few bike lengths to Archie Ryan and the last medal went to Kevin Mc Cambridge who won the TT Champs a few days earlier. Kevin will travel to Belgium after the junior tour and joined by Matthew Devins (who doesn’t appear in the results due to a mechanical) Both got their bursaries handed over and met their guest family who came over from Belgium to see them in action. Sabien Himpe (the adopted Irish mum) and her husband Rik Masil have been supporting the Belgian Project since the early days, and very well know by the Irish riders who have been racing in Belgium over the years…their home has been open to many young talents from Ireland, notable years ago with Sam Bennet as a guest. Rik uses to play pro football with Sam’s dad in Belgium, and also Sam Bennet was born in Belgium due to his parents living there. Rik Masil is also the co-founder of the Sam Bennet supports club called “GO SAM GO” in Moorslede in the West Flanders. Hereby my gratitude to this family who is part of the successes achieved by the project. The other Belgian Project bursary holders made my proud to as Nathan Keown in 4th place and Aaron Wade in 5th who will be offered a place in Belgium too but still finalising that now with the family in mind in Belgium…It all depends on the lad’s commitments this summer and we will now more asap if it will be possible. I was honoured to be asked to fill the role of co-commentator of the Irish Champs for the weekend and explains the lateness of the reports. Part 2 later today when we concentrate on the Elite Women’s and Masters Race who was held in the evening.

Rik Masil is seen here with Cian May (Lucan RC) who stayed in the same village called Moorslede with Martine Verfaillie the other guest mum of the project. (photo BP Media)
Results Junior men:
  1. Moriarty, Tom O’Leary Stone Kanturk 2h35’45” 39.08kmph
  2. Ryan, Archie Zappi RT @01″
  3. McCambridge, Kevin Vitus Chill.ie NRPT @02″
  4. Keown, Nathan North Down CC @04″
  5. Wade, Aaron Vitus Chill.ie NRPT @23″
  6. Newmark, Finley VC Londres @01’21”
  7. Billyard, Louis Zappi RT
  8. Smith, Mark Ciclotel Travel @04’40”
  9. Doyle, Cathir Powerhouse Sport
  10. Dixon, Ciaran Type 1 Junior Team @04’49”
  11. Traynor, Dylan Vitus Chill.ie NRPT
  12. Cahoon, Ciaran Clann Eireann CC @04’59”
  13. Rafferty, Aaron Bohermeen CC @05’01”
  14. Barrett, Sean O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  15. Donley, Shay Zappi RT @13’01”
  16. Crowley, Liam O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  17. Hayes, Michael Comeragh CC
  18. Harrigan, Sean Og Foyle CC
  19. Doherty, Oisin Donegal Bay CC
  20. Nolan, Sean Navan Road Club
  21. Donald, Christopher Team Madigan CC
  22. O’Hagan, Ryan Lucan CRC
  23. Mulroy, Keith Westport Covey Wheelers
  24. Yon Hin, Daniel O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  25. Hagan, Paul-Antoine Banbridge CC
Belgium will not know what hits them..a talent who could go in the footsteps of Eddie Dunbar. Kevin Mc Cambridge has what it takes and should be prominent in the races in my homeland in a few weeks time! (Photo BP Media)
Bad luck for Matthew Devins with a mechanical in the last laps, but at least a chance to “Live the Dream” in Belgium this summer due to his top performances prior to the champs (Photo BP media)
The chasing group (Photo Sharon Mc Farland)
A decent who got 80km + speeds (Photo Sharon Mc Farland)
The new Irish Junior Champ 2019 Tom Moriarty
More magic photo’s of Sharon on this link
Aaron Wade (NRPT) 5th in the race and receiving his bursary funding
(Photo BP Media)
Nathan Keown (NDCC) was 4th in the race and also receiving his bursary
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