All photos courtesy of cycling photographer Wim Verbeek (The White Tiger) and report of Freddy Jansegers, a Belgian fan of Women’s Cycling, and so-called adopted dad of many Irish girls, with enormous thanks to them both for their input “merci en bedankt

Two great results within a week for Alice….Even SMOKEY made a song about her

Freddy told the Belgian Project “92 riders, so a nice number on a slightly hilly course for 100 km in Zolder ( Flanders – Belgium). A late start hour ( 6.30 pm ) meant that at the end, due to the rain, it was almost dark when the riders crossed the arrival time bolden. Fortunately, they had turned on the lights. The game was very animated, it rained attacks, but nevertheless everything came back together. Until about 4 laps from the end, Marijke De Smedt (Waasland Security Team) launched a significant attack. Polish Barbara Sniezynska (Ladies team HOZ Beveren) saw the danger and counterattacked. After a lap, she was joined by Alice Sharp (team Ciclotel ) and the South African Kery Jonk er ( Isorex cycling team). These three joined the leader with 3 laps to go. Despite the limited lead (20 seconds), the foursome managed to stay ahead and were allowed to sprint for the flowers. It was Alice Sharpe who was allowed to make the victory before Jonker. De Smedt and Sniezynska finished third and fourth respectively.
For Alice Sharpe, this victory means a boost. With this, she proves that she currently has an excellent condition, which she already demonstrated in Oetingen last Saturday, but she did not get what she deserved there. So in Zolder, it was!!

Alice was not the only Irish girl in the race…Imogen Cotter and Michelle Geoghegan finished both in the bunch only 20 seconds away from Alice’s winning break. Alice Sharpe (Ciclotel) did the 100km in 2 hours and 27minutes with runner up from South Africa Kerry Jonker (Isorex CT) the same time, so did Marijke Desmedt (Waasland Security CT) in 3rd. With a polish girl Barbara Sniezynska (Team Hoz Beveren)4th @ 2sec and Dutch Bryony Van Velzen (Vazen Woawdeals) 5th @ 17 sec, they had 5 nationalities crossing the line first!! Michelle Geoghegan (U/A) was 20th @20 seconds and Imogen Cotter (Keukens Redant) was 69th also at 20 seconds away from the Irish Champ and winner of this UCI 1.15 test race on the motorcircuit of Zolder Belgium, yours in sport,Dany

Michelle Geoghegan managed a top 20 which also proves her top form lately
Our guest photographer for this report from Diest Belgium Wim Verbeek who is also a Team leader for CT Glabbeek (Photo taken from his social media page)
Our guest reporter Freddy Jansegers from Oppuurs Antwerp, here seen with the King Sean Kelly