The podium after 4 stages
(All photo’s courtesy of Sean Rowe and link below for more, with thanks)

Finally got a spare moment to report on the “Eurocycles International Junior Tour of Ireland” as this weekend helping my family in Carlingford with their Vintage fair with providing some tunes. A non-cycling weekend to a certain extent and rare, but due to some fantastic results, and efforts of our graduates and bursary holders difficult to ignore.

Fantastic team effort as while 3 of the team “up the road” the rest of the team trying to keep them there with guarding the peloton

Before stage 4 the GC indicated domination of the visiting foreign teams, and the Irish Juniors had already built a foundation just below the top of the classification and not in the spotlight…this will be not the case for the remainder of the tour. Yesterday Kevin mc Cambridge showed already that he is a force to reckon with going into a solo break, and only caught with 800 meters to go, 2 day’s before Nathan Keown was in the winning break and had to let go in the end, but kept the chasing bunch behind him and this awarded him in 9th place in the GC, just enough away from the top to be considered a none danger man….well I know Nathan a bit and knew this would be his response, establish a break, joined with 2 of his teammates in the 13 men winning break, some of the early top GC riders missing the boat…the break motored away on the very hilly course and took minutes out of the bunch at the finish line, Joe Wilson of the Green Jersey team winning the sprint and Kevin McCambridge, Finley Newmark and Nathan Keown just rolling in and not taking part in the sprint as objective was achieved…First, second and sixth in the GC for the boys in green, so catered for any circumstances for the remainder of the Tour this weekend and with such strong selection they should be able to defend the yellow, but with the early GC leaders of the week having a bit of attacking to do instead of the Irish, we could see a home win tomorrow in Clare.

The break is on, 11 more will join eventually

Stage 4 result (Top 20) Sponsored by Clare Sports Partnership
1 Wilson, Joe Green Jersey 2h38m12s
2 Rivard, Nicolas Hot Tubes 1 2h38m12s
3 Pounder, Alastair Arapahoe/Hincapie 2h38m12s
4 Newmark, Finley Ireland 2h38m12s
5 Wordsworth, James Fensham Howes Mas Design 2h38m12s
6 Chromy, Kyle Lux Sideshow 2h38m12s
7 Page, Charlie Green Jersey 2h38m12s
8 Stedman, Travis Greenmount CA 2h38m12s
9 Asker, Samuel BC Eastern 2h38m12s
10 Simmons, Colby Lux Sideshow 2h38m12s
11 Keown, Nathan Ireland 2h38m12s
12 McCambridge, Kevin Ireland 2h38m12s
13 Wray, Blake Velosport 2h38m12s
14 Klassen, Caleb Velosport 2 2h41m45s @3m33s
15 Scott, Jared Lux Sideshow 2h41m45s @ s/t
16 Sheffield, Magnus Hot Tubes 1 2h41m52s @3m40s
17 Simmons, Quinn Lux Sideshow 2h41m52s @ s/t
18 Callahan, Seth Lux Sideshow 2h41m52s @ s/t
19 Golden, Chris USA East ID Talent 2h41m52s @ s/t
20 Moore, Eric Arapahoe/Hincapie 2h41m52s @ s/t

Job done for the day…two hard days to come to defend his yellow…keep it lit Nathan
Nathan is one of the bursary holders and reserve graduate of the Belgian Project and has been invited to our guest team” VZW Wielerploeg De Molenspurters Meulenbeke” for a 4-week guest riding spell in Belgium, he will compete in top-level kermesses ( UCI 1.14.3) and unfortunately cannot be part of their interclub team who compete in the Belgian Cup, as non- Belgian International UCI riders are not allowed in that competition, but still will have to chance to shine in the kermesses. The Under 23 team has also taken on graduate Donal Shearer and ex-graduate Cian May to guest ride…they will do interclubs if selected, as different rules apply. We are very grateful to the Molenspurters, who have been taken Irish Riders now for the 4th year in a row…just a pity the juniors cannot get selected for the interclubs, as they would have taken 2 more juniors otherwise!

General Classification after stage 4

1. Keown, Nathan Ireland 8h06m26s
2. Cambridge, Kevin Ireland 8h07m04s @38s
3. Wilson, Joe Green Jersey 8h07m05s @39s
4. Rivard, Nicolas Hot Tubes 1 8h07m09s @43s
5. Pounder, Alastair Arapahoe/Hincapie 8h07m11s @45s
6. Newmark, Finley Ireland 8h07m15s @49s
7. Stedman, Travis Greenmount CA 8h07m15s @s/t
8. Simmons, Colby Lux Sideshow 8h07m15s @s/t
9. Chromy, Kyle Lux Sideshow 8h07m15s @s/t
10. Wray, Blake Velosport 8h07m15s @s/t
11. Page, Charlie green Jersey 8h07m15s @s/t
12. Sheffield, Magnus hot Hot Tubes 1 8h08m30s @2m04s
13. Peatfield, Isaac Green Jersey 8h08m34s @2m08s
14. Pidcock, Joe Fensham Howes Mas Design 8h08m36s @2m10s
15. Scott, Jared Lux Sideshow 8h08m39s @2m13s
16. Simmons, Quinn Lux Sideshow 8h08m40s @2m14s
17. Spenkelink, Ian Hoppenbrouwers Viro-de Zwaluwen 8h08m40s @s/t
18. Kingston, Matt Fensham Howes Mas Design 8h08m40s @s/t
19. Smith, Mark Verge 8h08m44s @2m18s
20. Asker, Samuel BC Eastern 8h08m50s @2m24s
21. Husted, Eli Hot Tubes 1 8h10m38s @4m12s
22. Callahan, Seth Lux Sideshow 8h10m52s @4m26s
23. Powell, Harrison BC Eastern 8h10m55s @4m29s
24. Hopster, Daan Hoppenbrouwers Viro-de Zwaluwen 8h10m55s @s/t
25. Field, Josh Halesowen Cycling Academy 8h10m55s @s/t