Photos courtesy of Nancy Goossens (BEL) or otherwise indicated, with thanks.

Second win for the Ulster lads in Belgium, this time Belgian Project 2019 graduate Kevin Mc Cambridge (NRPT- Vitus-Chill) done it in style, with Cathir Doyle (Powerhouse Sport) second (Graduate 2018) and 3 minutes ahead of the chasing bunch which saw Nathan Keown (BP Bursary holder 2019 of NDCC) taking a great 6th place (seen in background)
Matthew Devins (Yeats Country Sligo) “up the road” in the first laps

It all started with BP Graduate 2019 Matthew Devins getting away in the first laps of the 80 km junior race in Flemish Brabant and stayed away for a couple of the 10 laps (photo above) till about halfway when Kevin and Cathir shook of the nearly 70 strong junior bunch to join Matthew upfront. Due to his enormous effort, Matthew couldn’t be of help anymore and had to let his friends go and they disappeared into the horizon and never to be seen again by the chasing peloton which still had Nathan in it, and he hang about on the front to make sure he would take some honours at the finish (which he did with a very respectable 6th) With Cathir already a win a few days ago in Kooigem (W-Flanders) they didn’t sprint for it and Kevin had the chance to record a magic win in Belgium. Matthew didn’t finish the race but Kevin mentioned his hard work to establish the domination of the Irish in the race, this when interviewed after his win by local media. 4 different home teams members working together abroad…something I am very pleased with, and surely a big promotion for Irish Junior racing !!

As I couldn’t find a photo of Nathan Keown during the race, so this one we took in Derry at the nationals when he received our bursary…and did he repaid us …for sure he did..Nathan is also selected for the European Champs in Alkmaar next week and will join Kevin Mc Cambridge in the Netherlands with the junior selection. Another Bursary holder Marc Heaney is selected for the EU Champs and in top form too and after his bronze, in the nationals including his results in the highest amateur league in Belgium (a story next week about Marc’s return to good health), he could shine in Holland.
Kevin making sure no one gets away till he decides to attack
Once hitting the front there is no stopping these locomotives now…3 minutes ahead of the chasing bunch the verdict!
The Belgian Project lads have done it again!! Our sponsors will be happy, the guest parents too and the lads “Living the Dream”