Even Belgian holidaymakers came to see the race in this hidden village, Mountnugent well known for their lake, wildlife and rolling nature

My weekend started on Saturday afternoon, a 3-hour drive in front of me to arrive in Mountnugent eventually, as my navigation system told me a few times to ” Turn around asap” after making a few wrong turns…but at least I could quieten that annoying woman, the human version is much more difficult to handle (ask any long-time married man..LOL) A charity run had just ended and a real good buzz at the only pub in the village, with still some fundraising going on such as burger sales, and activities at the lake

Fundraising of the local GAA club, this with an 80 km sportive, all in aid of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland (Navan Branch)

I was invited to help out with the commentary, and playing some tunes and got going well before the race, as a crowd was gathered outside the pub and the atmosphere was like home at the kermesses. I did put also a few flags up (after all I am from the North..lol) and soon the races on their way. The A4 first for 11 laps of 4.1km, lots of attacks in that race and very unusual for this category, but a prime each lap has aided to that effect for sure. Next was the main race with the A3-A2-A1’s send of in a handicap race, but this was quickly overcome and one big group formed in the early laps. Plenty of breaks, none came to something and it was a dash to the line in the end. (Result below) Just a pity I had to drive another few hours that night as I would have loved to stay and taste the local beers. Never mind…a great race in somehow wet conditions but no accidents been reported..all good!! Plenty of volunteers to make the race safe, organised by well-experienced promoters (Navan RC) and plenty of prizes…wish there is more of such kermesse races in Ireland…fast and furious and great craic at the finish area…The race is in his 35th year, and surely 36 will be on the cards next year

Local kids doing a lap of the circuit as part of the fundraising
a few hours before the race
During the race
The gang of 1969 and other Man of the Ras
Lots of supporters on the roads
Even a well known Belgian Cycleshop jersey was seen
A4’s ready to go
A4 Unplaced
1. Fergal McCabe – Oldcastle CC
2. Marty Lynch – Newry
3. Leonard Gillick – Virginia Triathlon & CC
plenty of attacks who came to nothing once the handicap was overturned
Results of Mountnugent GP
1. Ronan Killeen – Lucan CRC
2. Mark Smith – Ciclotel
3. Eugene Murtagh – Lucan CRC
4. James McCreevy – Westport Covey
5. Des Woods – Newry
6. Mark Quigley – Strava 3 Velrorevolution
Junior Unplaced
1. Aaron Wade – NRPT
2. Danny McDonald – Burren CC
3. Sean Nolan – Navan
A2 Unplaced
1. Kevin Lynch – Newry
2. Jonnie Boyle – Oldcastle 
3. Mark Quigley – Breffni Wheelers
A3 Unplaced
1. Paul Jezowski – Henry J Lyons
2. Sean Heaslip Owens – DUCC
3. Aaron McCann – Drogheda
In the company of an icon in Irish Cycling Lawrence Roche (brother of Stephen)
Great to help out the well know commentator in cycling PJ Nolan
Thank you Navan RC for the donation which helps with the petrol bill
More photos on https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10156605246698691
Great action photos of the maestro Sean Rowe