It started in 2008 in a very small way and here we are today…To all who helped us over all these years, a big thank you…Here Part 1 of my favourite photos during the last 11 years…each week we will have another dig into our archives…and confirmation I will run it again for the next 3 years health allowing

My first ever summer graduates in 2008 I think with from left to right/ Dirk Breughe (mechanic team Decock-Capino) Simon Williams (Orchard CC) Myself and Conor Mc Allister (Ballymena RC)
One of the first fundraisers in 2009 with the principals of the Decock-Capino Team from Belgium (Peter Hawkins as a guest rider and graduate in 2009) First ever donation received towards the Belgian Project by Anthony Mitchell (Northern Ireland Cycling Federation)

The first-ever BP jersey on display (SportActive Under 23 Graduate Jersey) with the Decock team at the TOTN 2009 or 2010

The 5th anniversary of the project Jersey got a close inspection from one of my departed friends Gaybo Howard…I remember him saying ” What Dutch stuff is this? this to wind me up…We miss him
A very young Sam more than happy to display our cause
The King and I (2 stone lighter), oh and Paidi O’Brien
The supporters club of Peter Hawkins (Kuurne) as a graduate of the Belgian Project
Guest parents, guest team Molenspurters Meulenbeke and graduates of the project in 2016 in front of Cafe Loskaai (home of many Irish Riders in the past)
The first-ever women’s graduate Shauna Mc Fadden in 2016 in front of T’Lusterke (supporters cafe in Wervik) Martine as the guest mother and owner Antony Verschaeve
We still support the Children’s Heartbeat by the way…A world champ and a Belgian Champ …I was honoured to meet them in the flesh in an after tour criterium in Bavikhove (2012)
Even I have guest parents..Ann Verheye and Mario Debeuf from Wervik always looking after me when I am in Belgium, have my own room there with spare clothes ..salt of the earth this two good friends
Rik Masil (3rd from the left) as a guest parent since the start of the project, with Cormac Clark as a guest in his home, Angus Fyfe and Marc Pots as graduates of the BP, and Carlo Van Doorn as guest riders for Tomacc CC. Not forgetting big fan of the Irish cyclists in Belgium Noel Depoortere on the left. (Kortemark 2014)