Provisional results of the Dromara time team…with thanks
“CHOCO” a flemish slang word for being completely done (In Ireland we also have another word for this…Richard Cowan (Dromara CC) at this end of the camera for a change.

The sleepy village of Finnis at the bottom of Slieve Croob at the Dromara Hills was the venue for one of the hardest Hill climbs in Ireland. 5km of serious pain with the finish at the power station on the highest tarmacked road in Ulster

Dizzy heights at 534 meters above ground level with sections of + 20 % ascent

The James King pub in Finnis as H&Q venue, this at the foot of the Dree Hill where the “FUN” started. Well maybe for us who report, but definitely not for the testers present yesterday. A nasty headwind greeted these mountain warriors, and the higher up…the harder it blew. There was 2 separate approaches to the top, the fully tarmacked road for the roadies, a more challenging road with grint and grass for the MTB’ers with good nrs in both races. Promoted by Dromara CC, with Martin Grimley in charge of the proceeding of the day, his wee army of volunteers, a barbeque after and you know it gonna be a good day out for all.

This pub is 189 years old, the same age as the Kingdom of Belgium

27 starters for the Roadies, with 26 finishers saw Cian May (Lucan RC) winning the climb with some daylight between him and local lad Nathan Mullan (Dromara CC) followed closely by Breandan Flannagan (Bioracer-DHL-FR) who has recovered of his injury he was plagued with most of this season, but back to full health. Incidentally, the top 3 are all ex graduates of the project and pleased me to see their progress in the sport. In the women’s section Julie Rea (Phoenix CC) shined with taking the win, I bet her 2 racing sons Michael and Craig will be proud of their mum!!

Road Section result:
1 Cian May Lucan CC 00:17:15
2 Nathan Mullan Dromara Cycling Club 00:18:40
3 Breandán Flannagan Bioracer-DHL-FR services 00:18:53
4 Stephen Harkins Team Madigan 00:18:57
5 Stuart McCaughy Phoenix CC 00:19:01
6 Jack Ferguson McConvey Cycles 00:19:43
7 Craig Moss Ballymoney CC 00:20:40
8 Barry Kellett Dromara Cycling Club 00:20:47
9 Paul Keary Crossgar CC 00:21:21
10 Stewart Millar North Down CC 00:21:26
11 Glyn O’Brien First Track 00:22:26
12 Patrick Doone Glenavey 00:22:32
13 Alan Dowey Apollo CT 00:23:14
14 Alan Watson Dromara Cycling Club 00:23:29
15 Neil Armstrong Dromara Cycling Club 00:23:37
16 Oisín May Orwell Wheelers 00:23:56
17 Roger Aiken Banbridge CC 00:24:46
18 Peter Downey Unattached 00:25:02
19 Julie Rea Phoenix CC 00:25:03
20 Brian Kellett Dromara Cycling Club 00:25:45
21 Diane Wilson Dromara Cycling Club 00:25:55
22 Dominic Drumm Bann Wheelers 00:26:19
A special mention in order for 12-year-old Oisin May from the Scott-Orwell Dublin Club (younger brother of Cian the winner) who finished in 16th place and quicker than old hand Roger Aiken (Banbridge CC) but great to see such talented youngsters coming up
The same could be said about this youngster…James Armstrong (Dromara CC) what a performance at such age!!

The off-road section had his own race, introduced for the first time in his 4 years running and had a challenging course meeting up with the roadies at the Slieve Croob carpark which lead to the top of this monster. 14 MTB’ers present and won by top man Gareth Mc Kee (Banbridge CC) a multiple Irish Champ. Martina Hawkins (Dromara CC) was the fastest women on the day

Hard to beat when Gareth is in form
Off-road climb
1 Gareth McKee Banbridge 00:24:03
2 Barry Kellett Dromara Cycling Club 00:27:05
3 Peter Davison Dromara Cycling Club 00:30:17
4 Ben Wilson Dromara Cycling Club 00:30:43
5 Deon McNeilly Shimna Wheelers 00:30:48
6 Stephen Harkins Team Madigan 00:31:26
7 Brian Kellett Dromara Cycling Club 00:32:50
8 Neil Armstrong Dromara Cycling Club 00:33:17
9 Gibson Chambers Dromara Cycling Club 00:34:21
10 Martina Hawkins Dromara Cycling Club 00:34:43
11 Derek Graham Dromara Cycling Club 00:36:10
12 Bryce Hetherington Dromara Cycling Club 00:37:14
13 David Broome Dromara Cycling Club 00:37:31
14 Wannita Broome Dromara Cycling Club 00:48:54
A young man to watch next year…missed nearly the whole season with a knee injury but seems to have put this behind him …well done Breandan, Tim and Ken from the Bioracer-DHL-Fr services will be pleased.
It is 02:30 am in the morning and try to finish my work, will have to count sheep as early start with the Phoenix CX on the menu as MC …I must be mad…wel I am and love every second of it