Results Martin Grimley and Time Team & Photo’s David Mc Veigh BP Media with thanks to both

The heavens opened…making sure the burgers and bikes stay dry

The day started miserably and finish miserably but between some great racing in Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park, a good 200 entries made sure we had some entertainment, especially the kid’s races who as always attracts big crowds.

A full youth program was run in the morning and results can be found on courtesy of Martin Grimley (Chief Comm) and the Phoenix CC time judges

The Paparazzi at work…each taking turn of holding the umbrella..ella…ella

Here a photo report, with more pictures to be found on our Flickr cloud below, with thanks to our main photographer David

One wee star of the Under 6 fun race
Under 14 boys race
Under 14 girls race
A Belgian enjoying a bit of rain in the parkwith security for the sweet tin just in
Under 12 boys race (photo Dany)
Under 10 boys podium (Photo Dany)
Under 8 boys podium (Photo dany)
Under 14 girls podium(Photo Dany)
Under 14 boys podium (Photo dany )
Under 12 boys podium (Photo Dany)
Under 10 girls podium (Photo Dany)
Under 12 girls podium (Photo Dany)
Under 16 girls winner
Under 16 boys podium (Photo Dany)
Rachel Irvine (The Bikehouse Bangor) wins the Elite women’s race in style
The women’s elite podium including first Junior (Photo Dany)
The very popular B-Race winner Ray Brownfield back to full health
B-Race podium (Photo Dany)
The A race was the most exciting one with a sprint between Graham Boyd and Glenn Kinning, the latter winning with a bike length and look how pleased Glenn is… pleased for the man
The A-race podium including first Master 40 & 50 and First Junior (Photo Dany)
Track star Xeno Young (Powerhouse Sport) dipping his toe’s in CX…
“Do I have to ring the bell” look
Great job well done Judith and Team Phoenix
The French warrior Caroline Martines (Photo of the week by David)
A thank you to Phoenix CC for the donation towards the project, much appreciated. Also, thank you to the first aid volunteers and ambulance services for quick attending to the wounded in the crashes today …hope the injured get healed Lurgan in a 14 night