Graham Boyd receiving the “Teresa Smyth Memorial Cup” as A-Race Elite winner 2019.

VC Glendale … Belgian Flags, chip van, cycling village…what’s that all about you may ask?? Well, it is about a small club who adopted the 1980 colours of the Belgian National team in the eighties and partnered with to sustain and update this colours, now competing with the best-promoting teams in the land as a result. I am maybe biased because of my homeland Belgium involved, but I am a great supporter of this West Belfast club who does enormous work for charity and promoting cycling in all forms. Due to a small break away from Cycling and daily routines, I couldn’t attend but was represented by our media man David Mc Veigh who took some photos and done some experimental 3D video takes, hereby my apologies to the team of Glendale, and will make up for it another time. Here below a photo report of Round 3 of the Ulster CX league …a pearl of a CX and very much Belgian style, even the entries could compete with any CX in the world …(350 entries!!) All photo’s courtesy of Toby Watson as this was his home race, David photos will be on our Flickr page later this week.

Mc Convey Cycles again the dominant team yesterday, this time they had Graham Boyd up front and Thomas Creighton as a buffer for any danger coming from behind at still managed 3rd!!
Champions galore in Belfast…here Alan Bingham (Newry Wheelers) challenging Tim O’ Regan (Team Worc) at the planks
Johnny Mc Cabe representing Cuchulainn CC from Dundalk in the champions colours
“The Doc” in action, race organiser, champion and competitor …so well done Brendan Doherty…chapeau
The cat who got the cream smile…Ken Jones representing Bioracer Speedwear as one of the sponsors of the event…Some podium never mind!! So pleased to see our bursary holder Niamh Mc Kiverigan taking the win, but so pleased for the other girls too as they all good friends
The A-race podium with Graham Boyd on the top rooster and joined by Belgian Project main bursary sponsor Bioracer Uk Ken Jones
I follow this lad since a young age and there is something about him special…he already competes with the best of Ireland cyclocrossers at the tender age of 16…watch this name …Darren Rafferty (Island Wheelers) He does the same on the road !!
Youth development very much on the agenda of VC Glendale
The B-race podium (over 100 entries!!)
Yes…this is West Belfast…Colm Watson an adopted Belgian brother blending in a wonderful background…just put a smile on my face
Well done VC Glendale…Belgian Cycling will be pleased with such promo!!
Next round 4 in Belfast promoted by BP sponsor “The Bike House” Bangor. Online entry now open