Big crowds for the underage racing!!

This event was a first for the Bikehouse team of Bangor and for such small club a big thing to take on. We didn’t have to worry, the course was perfectly designed, had some wood areas and plenty of grass sections around the Henry Jones Football Fields, this with spectacular views overseeing Belfast high up the Castlereagh Hills.

The morning was started as per usual with the youth racing and since the start of the season the numbers have gone up steadily, and this attracts the crowds, parents shouting encouragements to their offspring, older teammates supporting them on the course, basically, a great family affair as CX is just that. We maybe don’t have the facilities and the budgets the continental CX’s have, but we have the spirit and the dedication and that will improve our crosses each time.

And while the grown-ups are racing, the younger ones spending the energy left with some footy

Our crosses now often have a chip van, a cycling village and local businesses having a display…we have the talent and the drive to improve and this reflects each time we cover an event, and long may that continue

Even a commentator with a funny accent, oh well it can not be all
Competitive racing guaranteed…here the sprint for the win in the U12 section between James and Curtis… full results courtesy of Ulster Cyclo-Cross here below
The B-race attracted the biggest entries and was the last race of the day
Yes you see this right…Eileen Burns taking up CX…one of the fastest women in Ireland on a TT Bike now getting the hang of a cross bike…she could be soon knocking on the podium door!!
The MTB support race start getting momentum too
The women’s MTB race won by Claire MCGEEVER
Graham Boyd wins again and leads the CU league after round 4
No answer to the supremacy of Niamh Mc Kiverigan (Elite women) so far in the North!!
Colin DEANE winning the B-race
All photos above courtesy of David Mc Veigh (BP Media Team) more action photos on
Podium photos and atmospheric photos on

An impressive view of Belfast, and hopefully this event will appear again in 2020 as it was perfectly executed…well done “Bikehouse Bangor” and your volunteers…it simply asks for more! (Photo Dany)