A short video I put together after some great video shots sent from Wim Vanneste (Belgian Project supporter since day 1) and I added a few photos from Martine Verfaillie (Belgian Project guest mum)

David was 32nd, not his sort of course but done well between the elite of the cx world
The infamous sand dunes of the Koksijde World Cup make it one of the most famous cyclocross courses in the world and for good reason. It is as brutally hard and challenging as it is beautiful and always has a special atmosphere. Riding in the sand is tricky, every time you approach a section the sand has shifted and the line has changed. The easy part is shifting your weight back, riding a higher cadence and looking far ahead. The hard part is trying to disconnect your desire to be in control. Trusting the bike to follow the easiest path and steering with your body movements and not the handlebars. The best look completely in control while in reality are just the most relaxed and in sync with their bike. And still nailing one section on one lap does not guarantee the same result the following lap. Dismounting too is a carefully balanced skill bailing at just the right moment as the bike starts to bury itself deep in the soft sand on either side of the compacted line before all momentum is lost and once-off running quick and short steps, already taking your next before your foot sinks too deep into the slow energy-sapping powder sand. Despite this course not suited to my strengths, I’m very happy with my result. I rode consistently and felt good on a fast lap. Two more races in Belgium and a training camp in Spain before the next World Cup in Namur which happens to be my favourite race of the season (report David Conroy)
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