Joe Barr at the 2011 NI Champs…this man has class and one of the worlds top riders and record holder in long road enduro races all over the globe
The Bonnevilles (with Lurgans Andy Mc Gibbon ex CX star) in Belgium for some gigs, watching a kermesse, met the lads by accident and we had a beer or two. Andy sponsored the Belgian Project for many years with social clothing through his printing company which I am very grateful for
2011 Northern Ireland Champs podium in Donaghadee (near Bangor Down)
Cormac Clark in his junior days
Phil Lavery at the Tour of the North in 2011 I think in Limavady which he won that year
The Peter Hawkins mini fan club in Lurgan for the crit
Ulster’s cycling history very much seen in this picture with Tommy Lamb, Billy Smyth who passed away this year and Billy Kirk an ex Irish Champ in the 50ties
Lady Dixon Park CX 2011
Jim and Thomas Adams…still active in the CX as finish area co-ordinator (Thomas) and Jim as pit commissaire
The ladies peloton 9 years ago in the Ulster region..this has grown since
An icon in cycling MBE Maurice Foster talking to his ex opponents
Two good friends from Newtownards with an important message… Martyn Irvine became a world champ soon after, his sister Melissa a renowned masseuse and mum
2010 Graduates of the Belgian Project Peter Lilley (Banbridge CC) and Johnny Cole (Team Madigan) at the Beitem Kermesse in West Flanders
Seen here with Niki Devolder ( ex Decock and TOTN competitor) with his dad at a kermesse in 2011 (Bavikhove) Niki became one of the top duathlon racers in Belgium and Europe and still race the odd kermesse as part of his training
One of our loyal supporters in Belgium (Wim Vanneste) from day 1…Wim was a pilot motorbike man for Sporza and WTV, and now also a commissaire in Belgium, in his professional life Wim is a serving police commander in the Ypres area
Nico Matan (ex Gent Wevelgem winner as a pro) signing a polo shirt to auction in N-Ireland for charity, Nico is now a commercial traveller for Kwaremont bier in the Flanders.
A great memory of a great year