Yesterday John told his social media page and followers that he has to take it easy for a few months as a precaution and to get to the bottom of a heart problem that occurred while living and racing in France. Thankfully his heart problem was noted early and things can be put right. Feel sorry for John as he was looking forward to a good season in France and living the dream to the full, but he hopes to return as soon as the doctors give him a clean bill… But “health is your wealth” as John said in this story below…Feature photo from Martine Verfaillie taken in Belgium after a kermesse in Tielt (where he was based during his summer spell with the project)

At least he be with his sweetheart for a few months and that is good for the heart too

Expect the unexpected I guess ??‍♂️… Currently on route home from France with connecting flights zig-zagging my way to Belfast (anything to avoid quarantine in Dublin). ? Have loved France and the racing scene here but made an unexpected visit to the hospital during the week with a cardiovascular-related issue which meant I had to stay for a few days. After plenty of exams and tests to do me a lifetime I’ve been forced to hang up the bike for the coming months. Definitely not ideal nor what I wanted but health is wealth, a slight complication that needs time, hopefully allowing me to start pedaling again in a few months and make the final part of the season in France again. Big kudos to Harrison Bailey (a.k.a my translator ?) for the company in the hospital and help this week! I Will miss Besançon and Amicale Cycliste Bisontine (John Buller)

John at work in better times …(David Mc Veigh BP media)