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Martin Grimley then in 2013 at the Irish CX Champs in Dundalk
Martin’s partner in crime Lisa
An adopted Belgian at work in 2013 and still at it in 2019…Toby Watson a great provider of cycling photo’s and promoter of the sport
The battle of the giants in Dundalk in 2013…One of the most exciting cyclocross I witnessed that year, within the end Roger Aiken taking the upper hand from Robin Seymour
A cool dude then and still is …Bryan Mc Crystal one of the hardest but nicest blokes on a bike
Talk about hard men…Niall O’Hagan (now Dunloy CC) Man of the Ras as one of his achievements
Glenn Kinning also still around and competing even at World Masters level, also the man who brought UCI CX & Indoor CX to Ireland
Tour of Ards 2013 lead car duties…my beloved Avensis served me well
Cuchulainn CC the organisers of the CX Nationals in Dundalk
Met this man in 2006 at the Phoenix GP and had his support ever since…Thank you Tommy Lamb
MBE Jack Watson and Adain Higgins in charge of the TOA 2013
One of our most successful cyclocross talent we had this decade with David Conroy, who compete with the top of the world week in ..week out the last few years …here seen at the Nationals in Lady Dixon Park in 2014 as an underage rider
The masters in the CX nationals in 2014
Jim Adams dreaming of becoming a pit comm…well he is now
Another stalwart of Ulster Cycling…Aaron Wallace, promoter, technical officer, A-Commissaire and friend
Olympian medal holder on the road and ex Irish CX champ Fran Meehan getting support from Brian Hammond (Lucan RC) Brian one of the first supporters of the Belgian Project and still is and very much appreciated.
A bit of Irish Cycling folklore here
My first ever female graduate Shenna Mc Kiverigan … great to see such riders growing up and doing well in their personal life too
Another man I have time for…Drew Mc Kinley not as much active anymore on the fields but still a well-known promoter of top races with his Newry Wheelers
Zippy Doyle… another hard man and good friend
When you do something for a long time you get good at it comes to mind with Darnell Moore, the triple champ of 2018 here seen in 2014…he will be someone to reckon with in Sligo I bet!!
Alison Mc Mullan from Bangor having a thought, Alison and her husband Michael reversing each week their role as pit support as they both competing
The famous helmet (lol) of a future CX Champ on display…Monty in action to finish this reminiscencemore tomorrow!!