Men in Black getting ready for the 1st TT of 2020 at Biddys of Barnes Bar, on Barnesmore Gap near Donegal Town..
Left to Right: Carl Fullerton (Donegal Bay CC), Eamon Toland (Strabane-Lifford CC) and Pat Durnin (Finn Wheelers)

Carl Fullerton (CI board and Donegal Bay CC) told us yesterday “Great TT in Donegal Bay CC, my new club last night. Three things are worthy of mention.1. George Peden (Prologue RT- Yorkshire)smashed the course record by nearly 2 minutes. He has to be a serious contender for Irish Nationals this year and for the Worlds maybe!! 2. Tommy Burns who will be 79 next birthday got 3rd place in the M70 category. Tommy has been competing for over 60 years and lives in Newtowncunningham. 3. Caolan McHugh 13 did a high 26 in his first vet TT. His Dad Jason did a 23. 54 cyclists took part” (next round Donegal Bay CC Summer League Rd 2 – Thu 9th July 7 PM  · Biddys O’Barnes · Donegal)

Record breaker George Peden from Ballymoney now racing in England while studying in Leeds (Photo from his social media page)

Results Rd 1 DBBC Summer League 10 Mile TT (Donegal Bay CC)

1.George Peden (Prologue RT Yorkshire) 19.12
2.Darragh McCarter (Spellman-Dublin Port) 21.00
3.Christopher Birney (SportActive) 21.08
4.Mark McGinley (Four Masters) 21.27
5.Michael McGlynn (Caldwell Cycles) 21.34
6.Paul Keogh (Yeats Country) 21.54
7.Johnny Kane (Foyle) 22.15
8.Conor Halvey (Four Masters) 22.18
9.Andy Deery (Foyle) 22.25
10.Caolem McCarter (Donegal Bay) 22.26
11.Odhran Doogan (Caldwell Cycles) 22.31
12.Conor Sprice (Lakeland) 22.39
13.Peter McGee (Tir Chonaill GAP) 22.48
14.Aaron Quinn (Finn Wheelers) 22.57
15.Jay McCauley (Strabane/Lifford) 22.58
16.Kevin Connolly (Strabane/Lifford) 23.13
17.Kevin McCrossan (Four Masters) 23.15
18.Jamie Meehan (Tir Chonaill) 23.24
19.Sean McFadden (Letterkenny) 23.28
20.Eamonn Brown (Unattached) 23.39
21.Ted McCaffrey (Donegal bay) 23.46
22.Ardal McDermott (Four Masters) 23.48
23.Jason McHugh (Four Masters) 23.48
24.Jonathan Costello (Donegal Bay) 24.25
25.Pat Dunnion (Finn Wheelers) 24.32
26.Joseph Owens (Caldwell Cycles) 24.35
27.Aiden Fallon (Tir Chonaill GAP) 24.35
28.Sean Gallagher (Four Masters) 25.10
29.Michael Doherty (Four Masters) 25,12
30.Elijah McGinley (Four Masters) 25.15
31.Michael McKeown (Tir Chonaill GAP) 25.18
32.Tommy Doherty (Donegal bay) 25.20
33.Joe Birney (SportActive) 25.37
34.Roger McCauley (Donegal Bay) 25.41
35.Luke Cape (Blanch Wheelers) 25.41
36.Greg McHugh (Donegal bay) 25.56
37.Eamonn Toland (Strabane-Lifford) 25.58
38.Alan Breslin (Tir Chonaill GAP) 26,24
39.Aiden McAleer (Donegal Bay) 26.27
40.Caolan McHugh (Four Masters) 26.42
42.Leo McGurk (Four Masters) 26.55
43.Carl Fullerton (Donegal Bay) 27.05
44.Barry Nesbitt (Tir Chonaill GAP) 27.26
45.Tom Dunleavy (Donegal Bay) 27.28
46.Bill Nesbitt (Donegal Bay) 27.37
47.John Nugent (Four Masters) 27.57
48.Terry Burn (Finn Wheelers) 29.10
49.John Bradley (Donegal Bay) 29.15
50.Sean McGrory (Donegal Bay) 29.45
51.Ed Wiazewicz (Donegal Bay) 30.13
52.Colm Richardson (Errigal) 36.16
53.Tommy Burns (SportActive) 36.44
54.Terry McIntyre (Donegal Bay) 48.22

1.Paul Keogh(Yeats)
2. Johnny Kane(Foyle)
3. Conor Sprice(Lakeland)

1.Eamonn Brown(Unatt)
2. Tommy Doherty(Donegal Bay)
3. Roger McCauley(Donegal Bay)

1. Kevin McCrossan(Four Master)
2. Pat Dunnion(Finn Wheeler)
3. Joe Birney(Sportactive)

1. Carl Fullerton(Donegal Bay)
2. Terry Burns(Finn Wheelers)
3.Tommy Burns(Sportactive)

1. Odhran Doogan (Caldwell Cycles)
2. Aaron Quinn (Finn Wheelers)
3. Jamie Meehan (Tir Chonaill GAP)

1. Sean Gallagher (Four Masters)
2. Elijah McGinley (Four Masters)
3.Caolan McHugh (Four Masters)