Catch me if you can…thankfully no one was hurt (Photo Sporza Bel)

The video from Sporza TV…just click

Consternation in Overijse when in the second lap of the main elite race a dog came running up the course. He had pulled himself away from his owner and suddenly found himself, dragging his leash behind him, among the front runners. And the four-legged friend clearly had ambition. He walked with the better crossers for hundreds of meters. “Dog on the trail! we suddenly heard broadcasters, “said Toon Aerts. “I was still wondering where that would be. And suddenly he ran for my wheels. ”Fortunately, serious incidents did not occur. Michael Vanthourenhout had to set foot on the ground. “It was quite a calf bite. He hurried at us. Tim Merlier tried to catch the animal while moving “I am a dog man and I mainly had compassion for it. But he did not allow himself to be caught. ”Eventually an alert spectator was able to catch the dog, after which two agents were allowed to look for the owner.

(Photo Sporza Bel)