The Junior race

The Green Army now established an Irish Corner at World Championships, they may be a small nation in the CX world but they have a spirit that wins hearts

Irish corner is coming up for Darren

Dash or Dreft…Darren’s mum could answer that question

This is giving it all…you can not ask more from our boys and girls. Darren was in the last row gridded at the start and passed 24 riders to end up 42nd…brave performance

Thibau Nys…son of Sven won the junior race in superior style and now add the world championship to his tally this season, he is also the European Champ and Belgian Champ…an apple that didn’t fall far from the tree!! It was a Belgian affair yesterday morning with a full Belgian junior podium, in the afternoon the dutch took over proceedings in the elite race (see below)

The Elite race

Mathieu Van der Poel just unstoppable…his granddad Raymond (Pou Pou) Poulidor will have bragging rights high up the sky, or wherever cyclist go when passing away

The Belgians had no answer to the domination of the Dutch phenomenon called “Van der Poel”

A result that not many would have predicted before the race except his entourage…Tom Pidcock (GB) now a main player in the Elite Men.

More fantastic photo’s of Toby on the link below

The Junior race photo’s from Toby on this link: Thank you, Toby, for sharing this with us