All photo’s from Martine and Toby Watson as indicated…with thanks

Photo from Martine’s page

MARTINE REPORTS: The last cross of the season has fallen into the water 😢 (Sunday 9th Merksplas) With this, a big thank you to our mechanic Kurt and his wife Cindy-Kurt Lamont, to be there for us throughout the season. These people are invaluable, every week in the material post, getting up early in the morning, leaving his family alone on the weekends and doing the dirty work. These people are hard to find, and yet, without these people: no cross. Next year, new agenda, change in the calendar, wait and see what the future brings. Hereby I would like to thank all riders, parents, family and friends for the massive messages I received from you on my photos. I am not the best photographer and I have to make use of the resources I have, but I am glad that you appreciate it 😘 Now look forward to the road races, another good week and I can greet my first rider. To all riders who race to the end, good luck, just give it an another wallop

The photo above from last Saturday’s UCI DVV Cross Lille (near Antwerp and Dutch border) David ended up 34th and in the same lap 4m53 sec down on winner Niels Vandeputte from the Alpecin-Fenix pro-CX Team with over 60 entries in the Under 23 section. Due to heavy winds, and atrocious weather, the last cross for David was cancelled on Sunday in Merkplas and is now going back home for a well-deserved rest.

Photo courtesy of Toby Watson at the World Champs in Suisse

DAVID REPORTS: Disappointing with the World Champs. Delivered a ride far below my expectations and capabilities. However a huge thanks to @cyclingireland, Paul, Andy, Paidi and Liz for all their awesome work and help over the weekend. And a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who came over to support the team or those who supported from home. Irish Cyclocross is an exciting thing to be involved in right now.

David here with Cindy and Kurt Lamont (mechanic & soigneur) A thank you in behalf of the Irish Off-road fraternity (een wel gemeende dank U vanwege ons in Ierland)