Sunday 15th March: The ” JOHN HALDANE MEMORIAL” KILCOO GAA CLUB ROOMS, DUBLIN ROAD, KILCOO, Co- Down with sign-on 11.00 AM

MESSAGE FROM THE PROMOTERS NEWRY WHEELERS “At present, the John Haldane Memorial is good to go. As we will be using GAA facilities the possibility of cancellation may be possible. We at Newry Wheelers will do our utmost to keep the show on the road as we feel numbers will be lower than a lot of other public events and activities” Online entries close on Thursday evening 12th of March… This will be the feature race for Sunday of the Belgian Project Media Team

Sunday 15th March: Foyle Youth Races, Community Hall, Eglinton, Co-Derry with 10:30 am start

Tuesday 17th March: The North Pole CC St Patricks Day RaceSign-on at the GAA Clubhouse, Moness, Burt, Co Donegal from 8:30 am

The Belgian Project will be present to do a feature story, and all info can be found on

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