One woman who doesn’t need any introduction anymore to many of us in Ireland, and certainly not in the Flanders…the one and only Martine Verfaillie, home care worker by trade, sublime cycling photographer, and guest mother to many young talented riders from all corners of the world including Belgian Project graduates from all over Ireland. During the racing season, she works early mornings to be able to cover cycle races in the afternoon (remember in Belgium you have races each day of the week!!) and on top of that looking after her house guests and publishing her photos in the evening. There are not many cyclists in Belgium who don’t know her, from underage to pro’s and due to her special looks easy to spot wherever she appears. I am always grateful for the photos received of our youngsters guest riding in Belgium during the summer, which able me to do reports of their races in Belgium. Martine told me: ” On purpose, I have concentrated on Belgian riders in this series which including UCI pro’s, as so many Irish riders I have been looking after over the last decade, and don’t want to single out any of you as you are all special to me” Thanks so much Martine for participating, your work as a photographer including knowledge of the sport is second to none, as you all gonna agree when you see this 15 beauties…Merci Martine, thanks so much for what you have done for us over the years …stay safe (Feature photo courtesy of Katrien Quartier BEL)

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