When I think of Wexford 2 things springs in mind…Strawberries and Sean Rowe, the well-liked and loved cycling photography guru of the South East of Ireland. A good friend who has provided the Irish Cycling fraternity with quality shots you can say SIR to, and this as a volunteer, just as all other photographers friends here in the series. Always willing to help me with event photos for my reports, when we work together the banter is mighty! For people who don’t know Sean (if any), I let him describe himself: “Hi there, a lot of you will know me but maybe some of you won’t. I’m Sean Rowe and I live in Wexford in the sunny south-east. I am an Automotive Engineer and have been for the past 34 years before that I did some computer programming amongst other things. I have also been taking photographs for the 47 years give or take but despite some work in the ’80s on the Nissan and some around Europe in the Noughties, I am really only doing cycling photography in any detail since 2010/11. The following are the 15 photos I went with, Sean (Note: Feature photo was taken by John Coleman with thanks)

1. This is the way to win what was one of my favourite races. Eoin Morton rides
them off his wheel to win the Nenagh Classic in 2016.
2. Everyone knows that I like a good TT and this is probably the best TT’er of
his generation on the way to his 2nd World title in Florence having already won
the team gold on the previous Sunday with his Etixx Quickstep team, his 2nd
double TT world title win.
3. I also like a good Team TT, I think it is an art form when ridden by people
who know what they’re doing. This is the Tinkoff Saxo team from the 2014 Giro in
the beautiful city of Belfast.
4. I missed the final stage of An Ras in 2015 to attend the first-ever World
Enduro event on Irish soil and it couldn’t have turned out any better.
Tremendous audience participation and to cap it all, an Irish Winner. Greg
O’Callaghan taking the plaudits of the crowd after a deserved win.
5. The men’s elite race at the Nationals in Omagh and the first home-based winner
in a number of years. Damien Shaw shakes off Eddy Dunbar on the final lap to
come home alone to take the title.
6. The big man in the break at the worlds in 2015 in Richmond, Virginia doing
what he does best. I have always loved this photo of Conor underneath a
horizontal stars and stripes.
7. The women’s Elite race at the Nationals in Omagh and the first of 3
Championships in a row for this lady. An emotional Lydia Boylan with her brother
Ryan Callan after the race.
8. The winning break in the 2015 edition of the classic Shay Elliott. Our world
track champion Martyn Irvine would go on to win this one as he liked.
9. Another TT photo, this one shows clearly the pain of the effort. National
champ Kelly Murphy giving it everything at the 2019 Worlds in Yorkshire.
10. Two champions for the price of one! It’s not often that you get to have the
winners of 2 national championship races in the one photo. Lara Gillespie takes her first Elite ladies title while Thomas Creighton takes the Junior Men’s title in Glencullen.
11. Back to Time trials and I have long admired this young lady when it comes to
time trials. Eileen Burns on the climb during the World Elite Ladies TT in
12. The 2018 National Cyclocross Champs in Cork and another cyclist I have
admired since I first saw him race many moons ago. An emotional David Conroy is congratulated by his Belgian “moeder” Martine Verfaillie after the race.
13. Epic days in racing come in all shapes and sizes and 9th September 2016 on
Mt. Leinster, Ras na mBan Stage 3 was one of these. The ladies showed how it was
done on an epic day in a great race.
14. Team Irland at the Worlds in Richmond, Virginia September 2015. We had just
done the official team photo and I suggested that they give me whatever pose they wanted and this is the result. Some racers at their 1st worlds some at their last.
15. I had to end with this also from Richmond, 2015. I know he has won 3 in a
row and he may in more yet, he’s still young. Sagan takes his first worlds after
breaking away during the last lap

Please give Sean a mention if sharing these photos please, thanks Dany