The king of Irish Cycling with the queens of cycling photography (photo BP media)

It was the end of February and bad weather was the cause of many cancellations cycling sportive wise, the forecast that Sunday morning was iffy, but sometimes the weather gods are with you and the sportive in aid of the was going ahead…not a spit of rain and a massive entry, they came from all corners of Ireland including a delegation from Bioracer UK (the provider of the club jersey of Vc Glendale) The well know photographer Toby Watson was one of the organisers and the drive behind this now annual event. The Belgian colours were flying high in West Belfast (in some corners they call it West The entry money was based on a minimum donation and add the sale of commemorative jerseys and a tombola. They reached a total of £5,138.17!!

Ken Jones and Chris Spencer from flying over to support the charity, also in the photo the talented brother’s Dean and Lee Harvey (Photo BP media)

Toby presented yesterday virtual the cheque to the charity and has this to say ” Where do I start How Lucky we were to get our Charity cycle over before this madness of Covid – 19. Had to stage this presentation this morning and thank everyone involved that made this day possible. Having an amazing Team around me made this run as smooth as it did. It Can’t get any better than this but we will always raise the bar another notch and hopefully, the £s will grow also for a very worthy cause..£5,138.17…Many thanks one and All”

Vc Glendale at the front of the army of good souls (photo BP Media)
Toby receiving the Belgian Project Appreciation Medal from Sean kelly and myself as a big thank you for promoting Irish Cycling and the charity work he does with his super Vc Glendale friends…so deserved!! ( photo courtesy of Emmanuel Klontzakis)

Please look once at the fabulous work this charity does (all Ireland)