I spotted this “feel-good story” on the https://www.facebook.com/globalcyclingnetwork yesterday and felt like doing a wee spin on it so to speak. We all know Conor from his daring escapee’s in the pro peloton, an ex Irish Champ and UCI world tour pro. He retired end 2019 from pro racing, and now a commentator and crew member of the very popular GNC network, who provides us with live racing on social media, this very welcomed by all of us, well at least the people who don’t have the luxury of receiving Eurosport legally like me. Well, Conor and his brother in law Nigel Kelly decided to make good use of a part of their backyard in Carrick on Suire. A garden velodrome was born…days of hard work from both (helped by a digger and a lot of imagination of these two lads) produced something that resembled a makeshift mini velodrome and ready for setting a milestone in Irish Cycling… Conor has done an hour racing on a 60-meter lap garden velodrome and travelled 16.3km!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it…

The surface was grass at the straights and hardened soil at the corners, and racing done with a gravel bike…the video has great commentary, very witty and funny, even it is 20 minutes long you will enjoy such escape of isolation. Thank you, Nigel and Conor for brightening up the day a bit. The video and photos are taken from the original report of GCN, with thanks

Conor and Nigel planning
While Nigel is not looking
DEN LANGEN IS CHOCO (flemish for being done or in his case dunne!!)