Dublin leading the pack in Belfast

At the time of making the video, the Northern Ireland government was in loggerheads (what’s new..lol) and the Cyclo-Cross was the only action on these famous grounds. Promoted by Glenn Kinnings and his team of volunteers, they produced a great set up, and they came from all corners of Ireland to compete in such beautiful surroundings. A unique way to promote the sport and exposure at the time was fairly big. Glenn had the knack of finding unusual venue’s, unfortunately, this venue was not used again, a pity really, as it was a photographer dream backdrop…David Mc Veigh (BP Media) made the spectators interact within the video with a sing-song and made great viewing…but judge for yourself!

The winners and the sponsors
The King and his castle
When Garage Rock arrives in Stormont (Andy Mc Gibbon of the band Bonnevilles)

A great supporter of our cause https://kinningcycles.com