Darcey Harkness taking the front in the first few laps (Photo David Mc Veigh including feature photo)

It looked bleak when we arrived at the G0-KART track at Nuts Corner last night, but it seems our youngsters just loved it, they couldn’t wait to get going…good numbers in each of the underage races and their faces speaking volumes…they are here to race and race they did. On the starting lines, we had 3 Irish Champs, just back from the Nationals in Waterford and we could see why they are champions…here some brief results of the Under Age boys and girls

Irish Under 12 Champ (Photo David Mc Veigh BP Media)

1.Seth Dunwoody (Shelbourne/Orchard CC)
2.Conor Murphy ( Rostrevor MTB)
3.Aine Doherty (VC Glendale)
4.Karl Rockett ( Ards CC)
5.Daniel Scott (Shelbourne/Orchard CC)
6.Alex McCollun (Shelbourne/Orchard CC)
1.James Armstrong (Dromara CC)
2.Rhys Hepburn (Island Wheelers)
3.Adam Ward ( Bann Wheelers CC)
4.Jamie Rockett (Ards CC)
5.Josh Gallagher (Shelbourne/Orchard CC)
6.Elliot McKeegan (Team Madigan)
Girls Under 12
1.Emer Heverin (Kinning Cycles CC)
2.Elisa Sunderland ( Lisburn BMX Club)
3.Lacey Aickenjohnson (Unatt Ulster)

Under 14 & Under 12 part line up with an Irish Champ who tries to keep dry (Photo Dany)
Under 10 and Under 8 line up….no results yet available (photo dany)
Under 14 Champ for the second year in a row (Photo Dany)
Gerry Heverin (Race director) giving some last minute info the Under 14’s & Under 12’s (Photo Dany)

The A4 – Ladies – Under 16 race handicap race

Very good performances of the ladies who mixed well in the handicap race and with Niki Taggart taking 2nd place in the A4 handicap race (Photo David Mc Veigh BP Media)

Great to see a good interest of the ladies in this handicap race, 9 entered and the Queen of Corkagh Park Niki Taggart (Arcane Dublin) even managed a 2nd place overall with Under 16 girl Erin Creighton (Mc Convey Cycles) a 3rd place overall (one and two in the ladies race)

A4 Race (Photo David)
1.James Gordon (Phoenix CC)
2.Chris Oakley (VC Glendale)
3.Gavin Oakes (Unattached Ulster)
1.Nikki Teggart (Arcane Cycling Team)
2.Erin Creighton (McConveys Cycles)
3.Emma Smith (Deeside Cycles)
1.Travis Harkness (Carn Wheelers)
2.Jamie Moss ( Ballymoney CC)
3.Darragh Doherty ( Inishowen Wheelers)

The A*- A1- A2 – A3 & Juniors handicap race

Ex Ras winner Stephen Gallagher (Orchard Wheelers) chasing the break away, but to no avail, they are gone

This handicap race was an exciting affair, the 2-minute difference from front to back was no problem for the A1’s to overcome, only 4 in this scratch group but with such talent, it was soon very clear they meant business and about 2 thirds into the race it was overcome, the big group of A2’s and A3’s tried everything to keep them in their midst, but George Peden (Prologue Performance racing GB) Lindsay Watson (Powerhouse Sport) and having other ideas and got away…the chasers stayed close for a while, but in the end the two got enough distance gathered to fight it out between themselves…and when you take Lindsay to the finish line, his experience was enough to beat the revelation of the Time Trials George Peden in his usual matter, getting away from George in the last bend before the line. Been beaten by George a few times in testing it must have felt good for the Banbridge man to get one over him…this is what makes racing so attractive…there is no certainties, Chris Mc Clinchey took the last podium place and the brothers Harvey from VC Glendale taking the 4th and 5th place, after hard chasing and beating the other dash to the line, this to delight of their dad Mark.

The Mc Convey boys and girls well represented in each race (Photo Dany)

1.Lindsay Watson ( Powerhouse Sport)
2.George Peden (Prologue Racing Team)
3.Chris McGlinchey ( Vitus CRC) @26 secs
4.Dean Harvey (VC Glendale) “
5.Lee Harvey (VC Glendale) “
6.Shay Donnelly ( Team Dan Morrissey) “
7.Paul-Antoine Hagan (Banbridge CC) “
8.Breandan Flannagan (McConveys Cycles) “
9.Stephen Gallagher (Shelbourne/Orchard CC) “
10.Aaron Parks (Banbridge CC) @ 59 secs