Yep…he done it again…another record goes to the man from Muff Ronan Mc Laughlin..this time course record holder and winner of the Ultra 555 2020 in Donegal!! Missed his arrival by a few minutes but caught him on the podium with his lovely wife Rachel in his tired arms. 555 hilly km in a record time of 17 hours 17 minutes (provisional time) but good enough to take the course record. After his Everesting Challenge world record another one to take home. Young Mark Mc Ginley (21 years old!!) took second place and Rory Devlin took bronze to make it an all Donegal podium…The First 4 man team was Carn Wheelers, and LK Bikes the winners of the 2 man team, Conor Dunne DNF but only retired in the late stages of the race, due to not fully prepared and trained for such event he battled on till there were no more legs left…The GCN presenter had a full media team to record his adventure and surely made the event a high class one!! Many more hero’s followed Ronan over the finish line…they are all gladiators of the road…The weather was alright, the hotel was a very friendly place, the food excellent and the event top-notch…hopefully, next year spectators will be allowed as this is an event a must to spectate…well done to the organisers Sean Mc Fadden and Eugene Mc Gettigan and their volunteers to put such a great show on…all COVID-19 rules followed, the riders car team crews, the sponsors and last but not least the riders…a weekend to remember, regards Dany

An amazing performance of the youngest gladiator Mark Mc Ginley from the local Four Masters CC coming second in the individuals cat!!
Rory Devlin 3rd overal in the single entries to make it a Full Donegal podium
Mike Burke from Dublin finished the event…what is special is his age…61 years old!!

The provisional results courtesy of from Portadown NI with thanks

1.Ronan Mc Laughlin the 555km in 17 hours 19 minute (subject to change)
2.Mark Mc Ginley 18:21:15 3.Rory Devlin 18:36:10
4.Benny Cassidy 19:33:09
5.Christopher Beattie 19:34:32 6. Aidan Fallon 19:58:33
7.Gavin O Connor 21:02:43
8.Colm Richardson 21:04:12
9.Alisdair Robinson 21:53:42
10.Paul Birchall 22:29:30
11.John Gilleran 22:38:26
12.Andrew Agnew 22:38:31
13.Adrian O Sullivan 22:53:24
14.Graham Sterritt 23:11:27
15.Ciaran Breslin 23:26:23
16.John McFadden 24:44:15
17.David Dougan 25:13:59
18.Gerard Callaghan 25:39:32
19.Patrick Morning 26:31:54
20.Chris Doherty 27:29:10
21.Francis Fury 27:34:42
22.Mike Burke 33:26:51

1.Team LK Bikes 17:46:41
2.McGreggor & O’Doherty 17:48:15
3.Team R & R 18:53:59
4.Galway DHKN Ltd 20:23:46 5.Fitton &Mannering 20:32:48
6.Smokey Spokes 21:44:18
7.Team Jack #85 25:06:25

Dean lockard represting the Carn Wheelers 4 man team

1.Carn Wheelers 16:22:24
2.Dads Army 16:52:45
3.The Friary Wheelers 19:03:55
4.Spin The Wheel 19:32:45
5.Team Ardara 19:42:46
6.The Cranford Chancers 20:02:16
7.The Pacers 20:30:43
8.Mountain Goats 20:35:05
9.Mc Cafferty’s 21:17:24
10.Team HEXAGONS 22:48:14
11.US Pulsetal 22:56:17
12.Team H8 Lawlors 24:37:54

Alistair Robinson from Portstewart
As far as Kerry they came…here Benny Cassidy at the starting ramp, Benny ended up with the 4th best time