Photo courtesy of Jerry Rafferty (Fotozone Armagh)

“Studio55 are proud to come on board as a sponsor and partner of The Belgian Project, which is based in Newtownards. Studio55 will provide technical support and updates for the Belgian Project throughout the 2023 season”

Managing Director of Studio55 – Adam McGreevy (photo above) had this to say….”Having been a keen cyclist all of my life and coming from a cycling family, racing is in our blood. Racing is without doubt one of the big lifelines of Cycling in Ireland, and what Dany has set up over the last decade giving young aspiring cyclists a taste of racing in Belgium and Europe is phomenonial. Not only that support network and route to Europe he also helps clubs throughout Ireland with funding towards youth development as well as giving rider bursaries to allow them to sample racing at a higher level than they would get in this country. When approached by Dany in November time, we were only too happy to come on board as a sponsor for 2023, seeing first hand the effect it can have on those that have been away, and giving youth riders something to aspire to. Looking forward to the 2023 season now.” www.studio55.ie