I met Billy about 14 years ago when his son Adam came to the foreground in our cycling world, I was looking for a ride in one of the team cars to follow the race (Red Hand in Ballymena) and learned a lot about Irish cycling in the following 3 hours, Billy’s version of course, as it was a different version then the norm, his knowledge immense, his technical skills amazing, something I always gonna remembers about Billy was his passion for the sport, he was a cycling sales rep till well in his seventies, a rock for his son Adam and long time member of the Famous Northern club of his friend Dave Kane. The last time I met Billy was in his favourite bar in Newtownards called Roma’s about 5 years ago, he bought me a pint of Guinness and we caught up on the gossip, unfortunately, it was the last time I saw him, as his health was not to good anymore, but a memory to saver…Rest In Peace Billy

Billy (second of the left) with his son Adam’s Eurocycles team about 8 years ago