Lance Armstrong was the best of his generation with or without doping and did nothing that others did not” says Bruyneel

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Bruyneel led Lance Armstrong to 7 Tour victories, all of which were subsequently taken from him for doping use. The Belgian has been persona non grata in the peloton ever since, but he hopes that can change in the future. After Lance Armstrong’s confessions, Johan Bruyneel and Armstrong were banned from cycling for life. The US doping agency USADA ruled that US Postal had come up with “the most sophisticated, professional and successful doping program in the history of the sport. “Lance was the best of his generation, with or without doping”, Bruyneel says straight to Eurosport. “He didn’t do anything that others didn’t. It’s easy to demonize someone, but impossible to undo it. It’s also hard to deal with because there is so much hypocrisy around. Armstrong was the best of his generation with or without doping. I don’t think anything has changed in that area in current cycling.

As a pro rider he won many grand tour stages, as a young rider multible belgian champs on the track

Bruyneel cherishes the hope of being welcome in cycling again. “Armstrong and I have become persona non grata in the cycling world. Actually, it is not even a return that would interest us. We would like to be accepted”, says Bruyneel. “There are many people with whom I had a good relationship with cycling, but I know they don’t like to be seen with me in the game now”