A thank you to all the sponsors of the Belgian Project for believing in what we try to do… I appreciate you all very much…and the quality of product or service you provide is top-notch and easy to promote on my end…We are back to normal soon and the Bursary and Graduation process will restart in 2022. I will get you the info on how to apply to join the pool of selections next month (all 2019 entries will be honored, doesn’t matter if you have passed the age of 22) … A big thank you to all the clubs and event organisers for inviting me to do the MC Job… too many to mention…you also help me with the expenses that occur running the project…and of course to prospective future sponsors…we not in it for the money …but for the love of cycling and youth development … next year we going into the 14th year of running this project…never thought I would get this far…here below the sponsors for 2021-2022 with their websites attached…go and have a look…you maybe found something you need!! The website is going great and justifies the continuation, even it takes a lot of my time to keep you informed, but hey..love every minute of it! Also, a thank you to the guest-photographers, the feedback of the readers, and the goodwill of the riders to send in their reports. Last but not least, a big thank you to my wife (a cycling widow at times..lol) and our volunteers such as David Mc Veigh and Jerome Mc Namara of the media team.

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