“It was a long time ago that I was on marshal duties, but reasonable traffic on Christmas morning made it a bit easier, only a few angry faces, in one case a finger, but mostly the festive mood of our fellow road users shined through…strong headwind from the South-East direction slowed down the riders a bit, with a tailwind in the way back to make up time a bit. Last year’s winner Peter Mc Lean (Ards CC) could not attend so the trophy had a “not-so-new name” on it…Ian Inglis did the honours, and this for the 7th time in 8 years!! and 9 times in total (as a U16, and once as a junior too) The full results are below… A thank you to the other marshal’s, timekeepers, officials, and supporters for getting out of bed early and escaping the cooking on X-Mas morning. A notable spectator was a certain Jack Watson, as every year and don’t need an introduction! Our ex-chairman Desie McIlwrath bringing #The special hot drink# and coffee, a tradition now in Ards CC, very welcomed by us all on this cold morning! Each rider brought a present as an entryway of payment and got a present back…I never missed this TT since I joined the club in 2005, the craic is mighty, and as a cycling reporter, you hear also the latest gossip…most you can not print..lol…have a great end of the year” regards, Dany B

7 times winner Ian Inglis (Kinning Cycles Belfast)

Results courtesy of the Ards CC Timekeepers
1st. Ian Inglis-Kinning Cycles 10 miles in 21:54
2nd. Dean Harvey
Spellman/Dublin Port 24:55 (1st Road bike)
3rd. Andrew Hedley-Ards CC 25:12
4th. Marc Allen-Ards CC 25:13
5th. Lee Harvey-VC Glendale Academy 26:26 (2nd Road bike)
6th. Glen Curry-Ards CC 26:34
7th. Michael Rowan-Ards CC 27:23
8th. Aaron Fegan-Ards CC 27:50 (3rd Road bike)
9th. Alastair Martin-Ards CC 28:54 (4th Road bike)
10th. Alan Rodgers-Ards CC 30:47
11th. Chris White-Ards CC 33:30 (5th Road bike)
12th. James Mc Farlane-Ards CC 33:57 (6th Road bike)

The brothers Harvey putting the classic TT in their training schedule before the CX Nationals in Armagh in 2 weeks’ time!!
Turn Snowman
Jack Watson was in the house
Glen Curry is a first-time on a TT bike…and what a beauty it is!!
Bobby Magreechan (ex-chairman) and James Mc Farlane (club’s president) 2 stalwarts of Ards CC
Well done Ian Inglis…
Spectacular scenery at the 5-mile turn
Ex-Olympian and Commonwealth competitor Alastair Martin (webmaster www.ardscc.co.uk) in action…more photos can be seen on https://www.facebook.com/danyblondeel