Feature collage includes photos courtesy of @Belga, photos in the report as indicated

Two classes better than the competition. Zoe B├Ąckstedt has won the world title in the women’s juniors after a real demonstration. The 17-year-old British left everyone behind in the opening round and finished well ahead of number 2 Leonie Bentveld. She previously won the rainbow jersey on the road in Leuven.
Top 5 Junior women
1st. BACKSTEDT Zoe United Kingdom in 41:16 –
2nd. BENTVELD Leonie Netherlands +0:32
3rd. MOLENGRAAF Lauren Netherlands +0:57
4th. MACLEAN-HOWELL Ella United Kingdom +1:06
5th VENTURELLI Federica Italy +1:09

Of all her world titles, this was perhaps the most cunning. Marianne Vos (34) took her 8th rainbow jersey in the field after a tactical joust with compatriot Lucinda Brand, who was knocked out in a sprint with two. For Vos, it is yet another addition to her impressive Palmares.
Top 5 Elite Women + Irish entry
1st. Marianne Vos (NED) in 55:00
2nd. Lucinda Brand (NED) +00:01
3rd. Silvia Persico (ITA) +00:51
4th. Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado (NED) +01:04
5th. Yara Kastelijn (NED) +01:05
30th. Maria Larkin (IRL) +3 laps

Photo taken from TV Screen

The day of Joran Wyseure (21). Belgium has its first world champion at the World Cup in Fayetteville after an impressive attack that started in the second round. Countryman Emiel Verstrynge gave chase solo and finished second. Thibau Nys completed the Belgian 1-2-3 by taking bronze.
Top 5 + Irish
1st. WYSEURE Joran Belgium in 49:21
2nd. VERSTRYNGE Emiel Belgium +0:13
3rd. NYS Thibau Belgium +0:33
4th. HENDRIKX Mees Netherlands +0:33
5th. MASON Cameron United Kingdom +0:33
40th. NOLAN Sean Ireland +7:24
41st. HARVEY Dean Ireland -3 LAP

Two mechanicals hampered Dean’s chances for a good result…The 2022 Belgian Project bursary holder kept going, and had the run 1.5km to get to the pits!! As only a first-year Espoir, he will get other chances for sure!!
Two Irish in this picture…Maria Larkin at the back row and Gary Mc Ilroy as part of the UCI Comm Panel…(Photo of TV-screen)