Foyle Cycling Club is privileged to announce an exciting new event for youth cycling in Ulster. The Ulster 3 Day International Youth Tour will take place annually for at least the next three years across various regions of Ulster. (report courtesy of CU, photos BP Media)

The Ulster 3 Day International Youth Tour will take place over the weekend 30th July, 31st July, and 1st August 2022, the same weekend as the previous run Errigal International Youth Tour. Foyle Cycling Club has agreed to host the event this year in order to keep this long-established and highly organised popular youth event alive and keep promoting cycling amongst the youth. The event will see young cyclists both boys and girls U12, U14, and U16 compete, not just from Ireland but attracting riders from the UK, Europe, and further afield. These competitors will compete for the polka dot, stage, and yellow jerseys. Stage one will be a time trial followed by three road stage races across the three days. We would firstly like to thank Errigal Cycling Club for hosting this event at the highest level for the last eight years and Foyle CC will do their utmost to continue the professional legacy Errigal Cycling Club has left behind. Nothing short of which youth cyclists deserve and should expect.

Belgian team from the Walloon region competing in 2016 I think

With the assurance of the help, expertise, and financial support from the governing bodies of Cycling Ireland and Cycling Ulster, Foyle Cycling Club are delighted to host this event. We would like to thank Cycling Ireland and Cycling Ulster for their support as well as the valuable input we have received from the Cycling Ireland Youth and Cycling Ulster Youth commissions, their continuous input is extensive and commitment invaluable. The focus of the Ulster 3 Day International Youth Tour is to provide safe racing on different circuits of varying difficulty in Derry and Donegal. We want all the riders to enjoy a positive atmosphere and get the buzz of racing in what might be their first of many international races. So, we would ask as many clubs to come along, get involved, and support us in any way we can and make this an enjoyable event for everyone. Remember Foyle Cycling Club is only one small part of the jigsaw; we are the hosting club but it is people who attend who are the ultimate success of this event going forward. So please put this date in your diary, turn up to help, and cheer on the future of Irish Cycling on Irish Roads. More details will follow in the near future.

The very popular visitors from the Isle of Man