The results are courtesy of CI & Island Wheelers, and photos of Jerry Rafferty (Fotozone Armagh), with thanks

Winner Marcus Christie (Banbridge CC) All photos were taken by Jerry Rafferty and the full album can be found on ( if used on social media, please credit Jerry, no commercial use permitted)

Senior Men Podium
1st. Marcus Christie – Banbridge CC 50:37
2nd. Conn McDunphy – EvoPro Racing 51:04
3rd. Lindsay Watson – Powerhouse Sport 51:52

Conn Mc Dunphy (EvoPro)
Lindsay Watson (Powerhouse Sport)

4th. Mitchell Mc Laughlin 00:53:19
5th. Cian Ibbotson 00:54:59
6th. Ian Donnelly 00:55:10
7th. Fergus Callaghan 00:56:10
8th. Nathan Mullan 00:56:22
9th. Oisin Rogers 00:56:51
10th. Aaron Watson 00:57:32
11th. Michael Phelan 00:59:20
12th. Ronan Campbell 01:06:19
13th. Malcolm Bourke 01:12:44

Eva Brennan (UCD)

Senior Women Podium
1st. Eva Brennan – UCD Cycling Club 1:06:10
2nd. Katie Neill – TC Racing 1:09:56
3rd. Maria McAllister – Island Wheelers CC 1:11:48

Katie Reilly (Orwell Wheelers)

First Junior 1st. Katie Reilly – Orwell Wheelers 1:12:12

Masters Women Podium : 1st. Ciara Havern – Newry Wheelers 1:06:12 (photo above)
2nd. Ciara Kinch – Orwell Wheelers 1:07:41
3rd. Karen Hull – Phoenix CC 1:09:42

Conal Scully Carlow RCC

Junior Men Podium
1st. Conal Scully Carlow RCC 52:39
2nd. Adam Rafferty US Colombiers 53:49
3rd. Liam O’Brien Fermoy CC 55:30

Adam Gilsenan (Club Ciclistico Canturino)

4th. Oisin Ferrity 00:55:57
5th. Curtis Neill 00:56:23
6th. Adam Gilsenan 01:02:47

Erwin Mc Kee (Banbridge CC)

Masters 40 Podium
1st. Erwin McKee – Banbridge CC 55:36
2nd. Sean Featherstone – Newry Wheelers 55:55
3rd. Richard McBride – Banbridge CC 59:03
4th. Mervyn Kinkade 00:59:08
5th. Anthony Mc Conville 01:01:07
6th. Edward Dillon 01:02:17
7th. Flavius Marcoi 01:05:52
8th. Dermot Donaghy 01:16:18

Philip Loughlin (Banbridge CC)

Masters 50 Podium
1st. Philip Loughlin – Banbridge CC 58:41
2nd. Paul Noble – Slaney CC 59:38
3rd. Paul Whyte – Seven Springs 1:00:34
4th. Frank Moloney 01:03:39
5th. Richard Nicholl 01:26:26

Kevin Mc Crossan (Four Masters CC)

Masters 60 Podium
1st. Kevin McCrossan – Four Masters CC 1:04:43
2nd. Mark Kelly – Greenmount CA 1:07:00
3rd. Carl Fullerton – Donegal Bay CC 1:16:01 (Master 70!!)
Photo below

Order of finish all cats