*Mondello Press release* from the Usher Irish Road Club concerning the cancellation of Mondello Series (Round Four) Feature photo Sean Rowe

Following a number of racing incidents in round one and round three and the subsequent criticism of the event organisation on social media (an example of which can be viewed here ), the event organisation have taken the decision to cancel round four on Tuesday 6th July with the remainder of the series under constant rolling review. Road Racing presents risk at all events and is mitigated in numerous ways following a safety assessment of the event and its environment as required by Cycling Ireland. The event organisation mitigates the risk of a harmful effect by ● Hosting on a closed road motor racing circuit that is 10 meters wide with sweeping bends, no potholes, and most importantly, no oncoming traffic; ● Hosting two separate events to reduce the overall number of cyclists in one group, therefore, reducing the risk of collision between participants; ● Restricting the race sizes to account for skill fade over the pandemic period allows for more space for participants to race within; ● Mondello representative inspecting the course by bicycle before handing the track over to us to ensure there is no debris present that could affect the conduct of the race; ● Providing First Aid Cover in line with Chapter T7 Article 1.2 of the Cycling Ireland Regulations. The level of first aid is at paramedic level; ● Access to the Mondello medical treatment center when required, which includes defibrillator and intubation kits; ● An additional defibrillator is also on-site and provided by the event organiser. For any remaining risk after the application of the above mitigations, the rest is generally mitigated by the riders themselves through serviceable equipment, bike handling skills, and responsible racing. This is captured in the first line of the Cycling Ireland Disclaimer which is acknowledged when entering any Cycling Ireland approved event, “I understand and agree that I participate in this event entirely at my own risk, that I must rely on my own ability in dealing with all hazards and that I must ride in a manner which is safe for myself and all others.
All of the above collectively is what produces the environment within which competition takes place. However, so far in the 2021 season, rider behaviour has caused an increased level of risk and an injury that has been evident at the majority of open road race events throughout the country. Comments on social media referring to ambulance cover are not accurate within the context of the scenarios that occurred with speculation about the event’s organisation being offensive and disrespectful. Ambulances provided by voluntary organisations require a minimum level of competence in order to repatriate a patient to the hospital. If that level is not available, the National Ambulance Service is sought (even with the voluntary organisation ambulance on-site) for repatriation with response times dictated upon demand. It has proven difficult to seek assurance that both the correct vehicle type and the level of competence will be present for each event and so the mitigations and level of first aid cover outlined above has been relied upon throughout the six years the Mondello Series has been on the calendar. We will keep the situation under constant review and communicate accordingly. In the meantime, we wish those who have unfortunately injured in recent weeks a speedy recovery and wish our participants at Mondello well in finding suitable events on the Cycling Ireland calendar that will meet their requirements
, The Mondello Organisation.