The proud parents, brother, and auntie of the solo winner Conor Gallagher who acted as his crew during the race

Very honoured to be invited and be part of this event for the second year in a row…first with introducing each rider at the start, then up the road for some photos and to welcome some of the first riders back in the middle of the following night…it is just something special…the route is spectacular and very demanding, nothing is really flat and at least the weather was kind to this warriors. Some unsupported riders enter this Ultra event and the organisers looking to make this a selection race for bigger events in Europa and the States in the future. The Ultra King Joe Barr was present too, this time as a crew car driver, his experience very helpful to all involved for sure. A big CHAPEAU to the organisers Sean Mc Fadden and Eugene Mc Gettigan, their families, friends and the many volunteers from Errigal CC…a very big job well done…months ahead planning and with the covid situation extra work to adhere to all the rules… staying on their feet for nearly 33 hours without sleep to see the last riders safely home…I couldn’t really complain as I could go to my hotel room for a wee doze between taking photos…But the biggest chapeau should go to all competitors…they are the hero’s of the event…no matter where they ended up in the results, they have just done 555km on a pushbike!! Here the results below and some photos…more photos can be found on The results courtesy of

The legend Joe Barr

555k Solo – Female
46 Lorraine Mullarkey 21:20:49 Finish
40 Vanessa Fursden 21:50:46 Finish
36 Gillian Carthy 26:22:04 Finish
20 Roisin Mc Daid 32:29:01 Finish

555k Solo – Male
47 Conor Gallagher 17:49:21 Finish
42 Julian Pedraza 19:10:10 Finish
43 Conor Meehan 19:34:05 Finish
31 Jerry Mc Carthy 19:40:12 Finish
39 Colm Richardson 20:13:01 Finish
15 Andrew Robinson 20:32:06 Finish
27 Michael Hall 20:35:02 Finish
16 Mark Prendiville 20:45:02 Finish
29 Gerard Mc Lean 22:11:44 Finish
13 Seamus Nash 22:16:47 Finish
44 Stephen Crowley 22:51:30 Finish
33 John Dowd 24:15:39 Finish
21 John Mc Fadden 24:28:24 Finish
26 Barry Rafferty 24:33:20 Finish
14 Jarlath Sweeney 26:20:46 Finish
25 Pat Maher 27:46:06 Finish
23 Manuel Lopez Vernaza 28:57:52 Finish
22 Ian Mc Nulty 29:33:11 Finish
32 Conor Goodman 29:40:30 Finish
41 James Johnson 29:47:30 Finish
18 John Breslin 29:55:47 Finish
555k Solo – Unsupported
12 Seán Hernon 22:01:51 Finish
2 James Mc Guinness 27:34:58 Finish

The Lilac team of Dungannon in aid of the shuttle car who brings cancer patients to the hospital and back home

555k 2-Person Team
56 Team Lilac 18:56:06 Finish
52 Average Joe’s 19:11:05 Finish
51 Challenge CC 19:28:15 Finish
50 Carrick Duo 19:43:03 Finish
10 The Cranks 20:48:06 Finish
53 Strive Cycling Team 21:27:50 Finish
11 Cycle For Hurt 21:30:59 Finish
3 Paul & Paddy 21:47:58 Finish
17 Cranford Chancers 22:15:37 Finish
9 Belmullet CC 22:27:26 Finish
8 29ers (MTB) 23:08:39 Finish
1 Team MTBDD (MTB) 23:22:18 Finish
48 C&M Diabetes 23:23:26 Finish
5 Constant Cadance 23:27:42 Finish
7 Rob and Mike 23:50:32 Finish
4 Evelyn and Joe 24:47:04 Finish

555k 4-Person Team
70 Tir Chonaill GAP 16:24:27 Finish
72 Team Errigal 16:43:23 Finish
73 IWCC 17:25:16 Finish
68 The Friary Wheelers 17:35:14 Finish
71 The Green Men 17:37:14 Finish
57 Spin The Wheel 18:05:17 Finish
62 Inishowen Pedal Crunchers 18:14:10 Finish
69 Hills and Thrills 18:29:52 Finish
64 Team LK Bikes 18:53:04 Finish
49 Rusty Cranks 19:16:03 Finish
66 Turtle Juice 19:16:44 Finish
61 Errigal Dawn Raiders 19:39:56 Finish
65 Gold Spinners 19:49:56 Finish
67 Francie’s Dream Team 19:57:49 Finish
63 NY-SLAPers 20:58:45 Finish
59 Harmonic racers 22:10:38 Finish

Eugene Mc Gettigan and one of the volunteers at the bike and car check the night before
The charity Donegal Down Syndrome taking donations at the car check and John Breslin doing the race and collecting donations
Sean Mc Fadden as race director
Beautiful Donegal
Julian Pedraza originally from Colombia and now living in Galway with his family at the podium with a 2nd place in the solo’s
Six am in the morning…but well worth the early start !! (Photo courtesy of Piotr Zietala)
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