Results courtesy of Banbridge CC Time Team, feature photo Jerry Rafferty -Fotozone Armagh, photo’s Sharon Mc Farland and myself below as indicated

Matthew Teggart and his beautiful Rebecca Jane all smile after the win, the wee cute doggie couldn’t be bothered to do the same…lol (photo Dany BP media)

Main crit: A+, A1 & A2 result (top 6)
1st. Matthew
Teggart-Wiv SunGod (GB)
2nd. John Buller-AC Bisontine (FR)
3rd. Dean Harvey-Spellman Dublin Port
4th. Paul-Antoine Hagan-Banbridge CC
5th. Darnell Moore-Team Caldwell Cycles
6th. Vlad Evseev- All Human/Velo Revolution (First A2)
Prime 1: John Buller-AC Bisontine
Prime 2: Dean Harvey- Spellman Dublin Port

Runner-up and ex Belgian Project graduate John Buller got very close, but no cigar (Photo Sharon Mc Farland)
The winner of the Shay Elliot, Dean Harvey ( 19 years old and only Sean Kelly has done this at that age!!) again very active last night, what damage will he do when becoming 20!!! (Photo Sharon Mc Farland)
A cropped photo of Sharon Mc Farland of the sprint in the A3 crit…her brilliant album of the event on

Support crit: A3’s including Juniors & A2-3 Women
1st. Noel Doyle-Team Vision Racing
2nd.Travis Harkness-VC Glendale Youth Academy (First JR)
3rd. Christopher Marshall- Orwell Wheelers CC (2nd JR)
4th. Ronnie Smyth-Dromara CC
5th. Daniel Purdy- Banbridge CC
6th. Drew McKinley- Newry Wheelers

Noel Doyle keeping watch in the bunch, and getting ready for his lethal sprint…(Photo Sharon Mc Farland)
The ever-smiling Jennifer Neenan gets at least her petrol money back with her Ladie’s prize (Photo Dany BP Media)

1st Woman: Jennifer Neenan-Sundrive Track Team
Prime: Travis Harkness-VC Glendale Youth Academy

International Junior Travis Harkness showed again his skills and speed last night, coming second in such a fast race with restricted gears is not nothing!! (Photo Sharon Mc Farland)
Christopher Marshall, another junior with enormous potential, remember this name!! (Photo Sharon Mc Farland)
Ex Belgian Project Ras Donegal team and pro-continental with EvoPro Mitchell Mc Laughlin very aggressive last night, but nothing left in the tank in the last lap…very impressive young lad (Photo Sharon Mc Farland)
The Students are in town (Photo Dany BP Media) more photos and the report of the race can be found on
Some dear friends (photo collage Dany)
And more dear friends (collage Dany)