Feature Photo courtesy of Seamus Shortall & Results courtesy of the Time Team & Gearoid Campbell

General Classification after stage 2
1- Jowett, Lucas BackstedtBikePerformance 3h30m14s
2- Walton, Jonas Hot Tubes 3h30m18s @4s
3- August, Andrew Hot Tubes 3h30m40s @26s
4- Dodd, Mattie BackstedtBikePerformance 3h30m46s @32s
5- Pattinson, Tom HalesowenAcademyMapei 3h30m53s @39s
6- Wilson, Joseph Team Foremost 3h30m55s @41s
7- Che, Alejandro Velosport 3h30m57s @43s
8- Stoneham, Angus Lee Valley Youth Club 3h30m58s @44s
9- Bloch, Brayden BRE 3h30m59s @45s
10- Ludman, Joshua BRE 3h30m59s @s/t
11- Joore, Wout Tempo Hoppenbrouwers 3h31m03s @49s
12- Askey, Ben BackstedtBikePerformance 3h31m03s @s/t
13- Rowell, Ethan Team Foremost 3h31m03s @s/t
14- Gilsenan, Adam Ireland 3h31m03s @s/t
15- Strachan, Sean Team Swift 3h31m03s @s/t
16- McKay, Shane Pinergy Orwell 3h31m03s @s/t
17- Franks, Alex Team Foremost 3h31m03s @s/t
18- Luongo, Brendan Velosport 3h31m03s @s/t
19- Oberding, Reilly ONTO 3h31m03s @s/t
20- Amara, Matthew Team Swift 3h31m03s @s/t
21- Salmon, Alfie Lee Valley Youth Club 3h31m03s @s/t
22- Bolger, Sam Tarrent Skoda 1 3h31m03s @s/t
23- Larson, Evan Team California 3h31m03s @s/t
24- McChesney, Nick Velosport 3h31m03s @s/t
25- Buck Jones, Huw BackstedtBikePerformance 3h31m03s @s/t
26- Mansell, Aaron HalesowenAcademyMapei 3h31m03s @s/t
27- Neil, Curtis Ulster 3h31m03s @s/t
28- Schutte, Ryno Halesowen A&CC 3h31m03s @s/t
29- Gilmore, Matthew VC Londres 3h31m03s @s/t
30- Marais, Jacques Team Foremost 3h31m03s @s/t
31- Doherty, Darragh Ulster 3h31m03s @s/t
32- Higginson, Piers VC Londres 3h31m03s @s/t
33-Tarrent, Sean Tarrent Skoda 1 3h31m03s @s/t
34- O’Brien, Liam Ireland 3h31m03s @s/t
35- Scully, Conal Ireland 3h31m03s @s/t
36- Weaver, Graham Hot Tubes 3h31m03s @s/t
37- Ruhe, Julien ONTO 3h31m03s @s/t
38- Parham, Darren Hot Tubes 3h31m03s @s/t
39- McNally, Tony Leinster 3h31m03s @s/t
40- Foster, Alexander Innovation Racing 3h31m03s @s/t
41- Byrne, Ruairi Pinergy Orwell 3h31m03s @s/t
42- Brookes, Joe HalesowenAcademyMapei 3h31m03s @s/t
43- Bardsley, John Innovation Racing 3h31m03s @s/t
44- Lloyd, Daniel VC Londres 3h31m03s @s/t
45- McConchie, Ben ONTO 3h31m03s @s/t
46- Goodwill, Luke VC Londres 3h31m03s @s/t
47- Stokes, Ben Hot Tubes 3h31m03s @s/t
48-Leslie, Samuel Lee Valley Youth Club 3h38m43s @8m29s
49- Cucco, Will Team California 3h38m52s @8m38s
50- Stevens, Conor Lee Valley Youth Club 3h42m05s @11m51s
51- Simons, Will Halesowen A&CC 3h42m09s @11m55s
52- Halpern, Max Team California 3h42m09s @s/t
53- Griffin, Matt Tarrent Skoda 1 3h42m09s @s/t
54- Gallagher, Rory Connacht Cycling 3h42m19s @12m05s
55- De Sousa, Miles ONTO 3h42m19s @s/t
56- Neeley, Oliver Team Swift 3h42m19s @s/t
57- Magee, Darragh Tarrent Skoda 2 3h42m19s @s/t
58- Maloney, Sam Tarrent Skoda 1 3h42m19s @s/t
59- Stokkermans, Joost Tempo Hoppenbrouwers 3h42m19s @s/t
60- Ryan, Kealan Connacht Cycling 3h42m19s @s/t
61- Payne, Gabriel BRE 3h42m19s @s/t
62- Marshall, Christopher Pinergy Orwell 3h42m24s @12m10s
63- Swift, Lughaidh Connacht Cycling 3h42m24s @s/t
64- Power, Hayden Tarrent Skoda 2 3h42m24s @s/t
65- Homer, Joe HalesowenAcademyMapei 3h42m24s @s/t
66- Moynihan, Luke Tarrent Skoda 2 3h42m24s @s/t
67- Moss, Jamie Ulster 3h42m24s @s/t
68- Agent, Mark Pinergy Orwell 3h42m24s @s/t
69- Shine, David Tarrent Skoda 1 3h42m24s @s/t
70- Calver, Shane Tarrent Skoda 2 3h45m48s @15m34s
71- Harkness, Travis Ulster 3h47m53s @17m39s
72- Gallagher, Sean Ulster 3h47m53s @s/t
73- Flaherty, Mikey Leinster 3h47m53s @s/t
74- Kileen, Tadhg Pinergy Orwell 3h47m53s @s/t
75- Hunt, Jack C Lee Valley Youth Club 3h47m53s @s/t
76- Boyer, Chad Velosport 3h49m29s @19m15s
77- Wong, Lance Team California 3h54m26s @24m12s
78- Berry, Sullivan Halesowen A&CC 3h55m00s @24m46s
79- Shen, Corey Team Swift 3h56m02s @25m48s
80- Kelly, Andrew Leinster 3h59m17s @29m03s
81- Diaz, Julian Velosport 3h59m17s @s/t
82- Walsh, Ryan Leinster 4h00m04s @29m50s
83- Cullen, Adam Verge 4h17m30s @47m16s
Young Rider Overall
1st August, Andrew 3h30m40s
2nd Pattinson, Tom @13s
3rd Che, Alejandro @17s
4th Stoneham, Angus @18s
5th Franks, Alex @23s
Team General Classification
1st Hot Tubes 10h32m11s
2nd BackstedtBikePerformance @2s
3rd Team Foremost @50s
4th Velosport @58s
5th HalesowenAcademyMapei @ s/t
6th ONTO @ s/t
7th Ireland @ s/t
8th VC Londres @ s/t
9th Lee Valley Youth Club @8m31s
10th Tarrent Skoda 1 @12m04s
11th BRE @12m10s
12th Team Swift @12m14s
13th Pinergy Orwell @12m19s
14th Ulster @ s/t

Photo courtesy of CU team

15th Team California @19m53s
16th Connacht Cycling @34m51s
17th Tarrent Skoda 2 @34m56s
18th Halesowen A&CC @36m01s
19th Leinster @41m45s

Photo courtesy of Cycling Leinster

Points Competition
1st Bloch, Brayden 21
2nd Che, Alejandro 20
3rd Joore, Wout 19
4th Ludman, Joshua 18
5th Jowett, Lucas 15
6th Pattinson, Tom 15
7th Walton, Jonas 14
8th August, Andrew 13
9th Askey, Ben 13
10th Dodd, Mattie 12
11th Wilson, Joseph 11
12th McKay, Shane 11
13th Stoneham, Angus 10
14th Rowell, Ethan 10
15th Gilsenan, Adam 10
16th Marshall, Christopher 7
17th Strachan, Sean 5
18th Ruhe, Julien 5
19th Gallagher, Rory 4
20th Harkness, Travis 3
21st Salmon, Alfie 2
22th Oberding, Reilly 1
23th Amara, Matthew 1
Mountains Competition
1st Walton, Jonas 12
2nd Jowett, Lucas 8
3rd Scully, Conal 5
4th Stoneham, Angus 5
5th Pattinson, Tom 3