Darnell Moore (Caldwell cycling) will defend his 2022 title, ex winner Conn Mc Dunphy (Lucan RC) gives it another go, and Junior Champion 2022 Osin Ferrity (Caldwell Cycles and Belgian Project graduate 2022-2023) in blazing form after 2 wins already this season, but Lindsay Watson (Powerhouse Sport) could be the danger man!! Very low entry for tomorrow (58) There have been times that we been over subscribed, and had to turn over 30 riders down…the calendar need to be better organised so no clashes with other big races in the South as no one benefits now..but hey…the TOA is here and hopefully to stay in the future!!

Stephen Hanna 23A20025 Velo Club Iveagh SENIOR
James Dane 23A20027 Velo Club Iveagh SENIOR
Peter Elliott 23A20026 Velo Club Iveagh M40
Ian Carson 23A30082 Ards CC M50
Jonathan Taylor 23A30376 North Down CC M40
Curtis Neill 23JR0006 Team Caldwell Cycles JUNIOR
Luke Joyce 23A20159 North Down CC SENIOR
Kirk Sloan 23A30043 North Down CC M40
Ross Blayney 23A30133 North Down CC M40
Gareth Mc Bride 23A30183 North Down CC SENIOR
William Larmour 23A30604 East Antrim CC M40
Jonny Adams 23A30072 Killinchy Cycling Club SENIOR
Glen Curry 23A30092 North Down CC M40
Ben Healey 23A30570 Ards CC SENIOR
Fergus Byrne 23A20206 Ballymena Road Club SENIOR
Michael Boyd 23A30375 Un-Attached Ulster SENIOR
Mark Buchanan 23A30308 Un-Attached Ulster M40
Damian Lagan 23A30437 Un-Attached Ulster M50
David Mc Knight 23A20070 Team Vision Racing M50
Robert Kennedy 23A20093 East Antrim CC SENIOR
Liam Crichton 23A20049 Velo Cafe Magasin M30
Dean Lockhart 23A20009 Carn Wheelers M40
Darnell Moore 23A10063 Team Caldwell Cycles SENIOR
Stephen Irvine 23A20224 Crossgar Cycling Club SENIOR
Ronnie Smyth 23A30413 Dromara Cycling Club M50
Marc Allen 23A20083 AHC Racing SENIOR
Kieran Mc Kenna 23A30062 Ards CC M50
Calum Gray 23A20198 East Antrim CC SENIOR
Lindsay Watson 23A10025 Powerhouse Sport SENIOR
Jamie Moss 23JR0032 Ballymena Road Club JUNIOR
Des Woods 23A20031 Inspired Cycling M50
Peter Wakely 23A10080 Un-Attached Ulster M40
Anthony Wylie 23A30518 Dromara Cycling Club M30
Aaron Fegan 23A40443 Ards CC M30
Oisin Ferrity 23JR0046 Team Caldwell Cycles JUNIOR
Stuart Millar 23A10091 Ards CC SENIOR
Daniel Todd 23A30169 Dromore CC SENIOR
Peter Mc Lean 23A10022 Velo Cafe Magasin SENIOR
Ciaran Maguire 23A10083 Team Dan Morrissey – Primor by Pissei SENIOR
Ciaran Bennett 23A30411 Harps CC SENIOR
Geoff Alderdice 23A20139 Dromore CC M50
Nathan Mullan 23A10001 Velo Cafe Magasin SENIOR
Tony O Doherty 23A30064 Carn Wheelers M50
Alan Patterson 23A30165 AHC Racing SENIOR
Conn Mc Dunphy 23A10090 Lucan Cycling Road Club SENIOR
Paul Smith 23A20121 Banbridge CC SENIOR
Gavin Magowan 23A30409 Velo Cafe Magasin M50
Jimjo Mc Cullagh 23A30025 Carn Wheelers M50
Rory Devlin 23A20211 Un-Attached Ulster M30
Zoe Lindsay 23JR0026 TC Racing JUNIOR
Jonathan Taylor 23A20197 Carn Wheelers M40
Aaron Matthew Kyle Watson 23A10111 Powerhouse Sport SENIOR
Daniel Scott 23JR0031 Inspired Cycling JUNIOR
Gareth O Neill 23A10116 Team PB Performance SENIOR
Travis Harkness 23JR0041 Scott Bright Motor Group JUNIOR
John Buller 23A10124 Team PB Performance SENIOR
Jemma Speers 23A20068 North Down CC SENIOR
Robert Farrell 23A20096 Lucan Cycling Road Club SENIOR
Damien Russell 23A30334 Apollo Cycling Team SENIOR