Message of the host club Island Wheelers: “Please see below the starting order for our last round of the series. This round was pencilled in due to the postponed Round 4. Can we personally thank you all for making the league one if not only the best and fastest TT league in the country.
We will have our presentation evening early September and will notify all the prize winners next week when the overall standings have been finalised after tomorrow evening so the very nest of luck everyone. Finally massive congratulations to our record breakers in 2023 Hazel Smyth, Aine Doherty and Declan Slevin.
Also congratulations to everyone who competed this series and made PB’s or hopefully will tonight!! Thank you all”

7.01 1 Alan Watson M60 MEN TT Bike
7.02 2 Erwin Mc Kee M40 MEN TT Bike
7.03 3 Tim Beattie M40 MEN TT Bike
7.04 4 David Ross M40 MEN TT Bike
7.05 5 Derek Dougan M60 MEN TT Bike
7.06 6 Simon Keery M40 MEN TT Bike
7.07 7 Martin Duffy M50 MEN TT Bike
7.08 8 William Orr M50 MEN TT Bike
7.09 9 Gillian Orr Masters Women TT Bike
7.1O 10 Ian Inglis Senior Men TT Bike
7.11 11 Seamus Walsh M50 MEN TT Bike
7.12 12 Robin Neeson M40 MEN TT Bike
7.13 13 Clive Stevenson M40 MEN TT Bike
7.14 14 Karen Hull Masters Women TT Bike
7.15 15 James Macmahon Senior Men TT Bike
7.16 16 Ivor Smyth M50 MEN TT Bike
7.17 17 Steve Mc William M50 MEN TT Bike
7.18 18 Hazel Smyth Masters Women TT Bike
7.19 19 Jack Ferguson Senior Men TT Bike
7.2O 20 Nathan Mullan Senior Men TT Bike
7.21 21 Martin Fitzpatrick M50 MEN TT Bike
7.22 22 Eamon Toland M60 MEN TT Bike
7.23 23 Kevin Mc Crossan M60 MEN TT Bike
7.24 24 Philip Loughlin M50 MEN TT Bike
7.25 25 Rudi Gage M60 MEN TT Bike
7.26 26 Zoe Lindsay Junior Women TT Bike
7.27 27 Nev Smyth M40 MEN TT Bike
7.28 28 Craig Harrison M40 MEN TT Bike
7.29 29 Alistair Robinson M50 MEN TT Bike
7.3O 30 David Moore M50 MEN TT Bike
7.31 31 Steve Sharpe M60 MEN TT Bike
7.32 32 Gerard Maguire M60 MEN TT Bike
7.33 33 Trevor Wright M50 MEN TT Bike
7.34 34 Barry Hayes M50 MEN TT Bike
7.35 35 Philip Castles M40 MEN TT Bike
7.36 36 Lucy Brown Junior Women TT Bike
7.37 37 John Madden M50 MEN TT Bike
7.38 38 Adrian Kerr M50 MEN TT Bike
7.39 39 Noel Mc Loughlin M50 MEN TT Bike
7.4O 40 Jeremy Martin M50 MEN TT Bike
7.41 41 Luke Osborne Senior Men TT Bike
7.42 42 Dominic Drumm Road Bike M60 Men
7.43 43 James Lemon M50 MEN TT Bike
7.44 44 Shane Mc Neill Road Bike M50 Men
7.45 45 Tom Doherty Senior Men TT Bike
7.46 46 Brian Kelly M50 MEN TT Bike
7.47 47 Nigel Mc Cullough M50 MEN TT Bike
7.48 48 Marcus Christie Senior Men TT Bike
7.49 49 Paul Carroll M50 MEN TT Bike
7.5O 50 Marc Allen Senior Men TT Bike
7.51 51 Joe Henry M40 MEN TT Bike
7.52 52 Deirdre Mc Auley Masters Women TT Bike
7.53 53 Andrew Rainey Senior Men TT Bike
7.54 54 Helen Mc Parland Senior Women TT Bike
7.55 55 Kevin Walker M40 MEN TT Bike
7.56 56 Stuart Mc Caughey M40 MEN TT Bike
7.57 57 Pawel Cybulski M40 MEN TT Bike
7.58 58 Eddie Hampton M50 MEN TT Bike
7.59 59 Gerard Mc Cullagh M60 MEN TT Bike
8.OO 60 Lindsay Watson Senior Men TT Bike
8.01 61 Martin Birney M60 MEN TT Bike
8.02 62 Ryan Mc Neilly Senior Men TT Bike
8.03 63 James O Boyle M60 MEN TT Bike
8.04 64 Richard Nicholl Road Bike M50 Men
8.05 65 Mark Kelly M40 MEN TT Bike
8.06 66 Curtis Neill Junior Men TT Bike
8.07 67 Chris Wheeler M60 MEN TT Bike
8.08 68 Stephen McAllister M40 MEN TT Bike